Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Yashwant telling every one of the visitors that Savi and Ishaan will cut the cake. Ishaan says he would rather not cut the cake without Surekha. Yashwant says he needs no difficulty and requests that Ishaan cut the cake. Savi tells every one of the visitors that without Surekha she won’t cut the cake. Surekha thinks Savi is upto her demonstration once more. Yashwant requests that Savi quit making inconvenience and cut the cake. Savi tells every one of the visitors the amount Surekha is essential to Ishaan and says without Surekha there is no importance to this gathering. Surekha thinks Savi has placed her in a situation. Yashwant shares with Savi that in the event that Surekha’s wellbeing is fine, she would be here. Savi tells Yashwant that in the event that Surekha can’t come here then they can go to her. Yashwant murmurs to Ishaan to persuade Savi to cut the cake.

Every one of the visitors see Savi really focusing on Surekha and think Surekha is truly honored to have a little girl in regulation like Savi. Surekha shares with Ishaan that what Savi said is correct and says she was likewise not cheerful as she couldn’t partake in that frame of mind because of her wellbeing. Surekha requests that Ishaan and Savi cut the cake. Ishaan brings Surekha onto the stage and cuts the cake with Savi.

Ishaan and Savi feed cake to all of the Bhosle family. Durva and companions think now Savi is authoritatively Savi Ishaan Bhosle. Durva and her companions feel frustrated about Reeva that she needs to observe all of this.

Swati and Swanand come to Reeva. Reeva asks Swati and Swanand what are they doing here. Swanand tells Reeva that there is nobody with her today. Reeva tells her folks that she is fine. Swanand and Swati remind Reeva that they are her folks and they can sympathize with her aggravation even is she doesn’t show it.

Yashwant asks Surekha who welcomed Reeva’s folks here. Surekha says she hasn’t welcomed them. Yashwant requests that Surekha send Reeva’s folks from here. Surekha concurs.

Surekha comes to Reeva folks are they doing here. Swati says they will pass on to USA and before that they needed to meet Reeva one final time.

Serve requests that Yashwant give a presentation about Savi. Yashwant presents Savi as a school clincher and prospective IAS official. Yashwant shares with every one of the visitors Savi comes from a rich family.

Lokhande family figures how should Yashwant talk lies without the slightest hesitation. Lokhande figures he may be mixed up however his girl shows the video of Savi working in a bistro. Swati unintentionally sees the video and stands up to Yashwant about Savi working in a bistro.

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