Yeh Hain Chahatein 27th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode starts with Karun asks Arjun that how the last option is coming from inside when he went outside to chat on a call. Arjun believes that Karun’s perception abilities are like Kaashvi. He tells excuse to Karun and recommends to play fun game. He makes Karun and Vicky as group chiefs. Karun and Vicky chooses their groups. Karun sends Kaashvi from his group. Vicky sends Arjun from his group. He advises Arjun to win. Kaashvi and Arjun begins with playing. Kaashvi holds Arjun’s hand while playing. Arjun puts a kiss on his hand. She reviews the minutes she imparted to him. He winks at her and he dominates the match.

Karun lets Kaashvi know that they lost. Kaashvi lets Arjun know that he duped in the game. Arjun asks her that for what reason she got impacted when she have no affections for her. She battles reply. He tells her that he recognize easily that the amount she cherishes him. She requests that he not change the subject. She shouts that Arjun bamboozled in the game. He requests that she determine what he did. Vicky additionally requests that Kaashvi get out whatever Arjun did. Kaashvi mumbles to Arjun that he realize she can’t do that.

Arjun says that terrible group merits discipline. He shows rose and says that Kaashvi needs to wear this rose. Karun says that this discipline is great one. Arjun says that Kaashvi is from birthday kid’s group that is the reason. Karun takes the rose from Arjun and he assists Kaashvi with wearing it ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ).

Romila advises Mahima to perceive how Arjun is playing with Kaashvi. Mahima tells her that Kaashvi will do nothing to draw near to Arjun. She goes to bring cake. Romila goes to washroom. Kaashvi says that she want Sunaina. Vicky gets stressed hearing this. Arjun goes to washroom and gets stunned discovering that Romila is inside.

Vicky recommends to play new game yet Karun rejects. Karun says that he need to cut the cake and he looked through Arjun. Vicky thinks that timing is off-base and everything is finished. Mahima advises Karun to cut the cake. Karun says that he won’t cut the cake without Arjun. Mahima informs Karun that Arjun don’t mind regarding them. Arjun sends message to Vicky.

Vicky advises Kaashvi to partake in the party and he will look through Sunaina. He heads inside and advises Arjun to become Sunaina to first. He requests that Arjun stand by in his room and he will bring Sunaina’s outfit. Arjun leaves from that point. Vicky sends Romila from that point. He takes Romila outfit and gives it to Arjun. Arjun tells Vicky that he is feeling awful for Karun. Vicky tells Arjun that Karun will figure out the last option in the wake of learning reality.

Arjun prepares as Sunaina. Jagadish comes there and calls Sunaina as Arjun. Arjun lets Jagadish know that she is Sunaina. Jagadish lets Arjun know that he can perceive his child in a moment.

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