Pandya Store 27th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Suman embracing and empowering Isha as well. The last option inquiries regarding where Yash is as he was one to inspire her and he isn’t there. Suman tells he was coming to the paegant yet got some earnest work and should be coming. Suman consoles her and Natasha guarantees that in the future she will ensure that Yash will sit in the first line. Hetal apologizes to Amrish for wearing the bathing suits. At the point when Amrish actually shows his mistake, Hetal tells that they knew nothing about the round and had come exclusively to help him.

Amrish tells that it doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that they get regard in the general public or not as he believes he has fallen in his own eyes. He leaves from that point without taking Hetal along. Dhawal pulls Natasha close and says her that he merits a thank you from her. He welcomes her for a supper as he needs to give a treat to her as he is procuring interestingly. Chiku incites Bhavin that Shalini Dave will accomplish something important and he ought to exploit what is happening against Amrish so he become MD of Makwana gathering of enterprises..

Dhawal lets Natasha know that they can eat as companions as well. So she consents to it. Bhavin succumbs to Chiku’s control and advises him to prepare the papers while he manages Amrish. Passes judgment on let Natasha know that they believe she should get the outfits intended for the following round as well. Juhi hinders and says that it’s not uncalled for to her as she has buckled down for the following round. Passes judgment on let Juhi know that she utilize her plans at different spots. Natasha amiably requests that Juhi guide them for the plans yet she denies.

Natasha requests that Juhi move her the cash then. She trusts they will actually want to oversee everything in the brief timeframe. Amrish watches Shalini’s meeting of TV where journalist question her about Amrish’s way of behaving. Shalini claims that this is only a bombed attempt by him and she will make a point to carry his actual face to the world. Bhavin questions Amrish to explain why Shalini Dave is so against him. The last option lies that she is doing it for public trick before decisions. Bhavin questions in the event that he is concealing something and enjoys any benefit in this.

At the point when Amba attempts to safeguard Amrish, Bhavin advises her that she has more three children as well. One has previously left and other two will leave soon in view of Amrish. Amrish flies off the handle and says he will keep everybody secured. Bhavin proposes Amrish to move everything on his name for some time. Amba reproaches Bhavin for attempting to exploit what is going on. Amrish and Chirag additionally admonishes him. Dhawal sits tight for Natasha at supper date while she overlooks making plans for the following round being occupied working. Amrish calls Shalini to meet her. The episode closes with Dhawal choosing to take date arrangement to any place Natasha is.

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