Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 21 December 2020 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, we found Pushpa Birla asking Guddan to either choose Agastya’s life or the mangalsutra given by him and leave Agastya forever than Guddan tells that she can’t choose any one thing because both are important for her and Agastya also. Suddenly a voice comes which is none other than Guddan’s mother telling  Guddan to give her mangal sutra to Pushpa and addresses Pushpa a rubbish woman then she says to Guddan ” you should not focus on the mangal sutra and living with Agastya instead she should focus on the life of Agastya “.And because of her mother’s command Guddan tries to give her mangal sutra to Pushpa and a flashback of her and Agastya’s wedding comes in between.

Giving her mangal sutra to Pushpa, Guddan asks for a demand that she will see Agastya for one last time after he regains consciousness. By this demand, Pushpa says to Guddan ” I can fulfill your demand one last because of your love”.Then Guddan gives her mangal sutra to Pushpa and Pushpa walks away in the corridor of the hospital and Guddan starts crying and her mother hugging her. After this we see Pushpa donating her blood to Agastya and every family member seeing this from outside the ward and we also guddan crying and remembering her memories with Agastya. After sometime Agastya regains consciousness beside his mother seating in a chair in a different room of the hospital and Guddan also sees him through transparent doors by seeing him conscious Guddan thanks, lord Krishna.

Agastya asks his mother that where are Guddan and Guddan hides behind the wall and started walking towards the exit than her mother stops her. Then Pushpa comes near-transparent door to close the curtains. By seeing this Guddan and her mom walks away from that room. Guddan in the corridor of the hospital tells her mother that she can’t leave Agastya like this. And we also see Agastya asking about Guddan and where is she to his mother and every other family member also asks the same from Pushpa. After this Hudson’s mother says to Guddan ” If Avastha truly loves you Gufran then he will definitely come ”.By listing this Guddan says to her mom ” Yes he will ”.(Than Guddan and her family walks away)

After someday we see Agastya screaming Guddan’s name in her house in order to find her, we see other members of his family also. Agastya looks for Guddan in every corner of the house but he couldn’t find her then he asks one by one about where is Guddan to his family members and at last he asks the same question to his mother in a loud voice and the episode ends.

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