Meera Deosthale: I don’t react to negative comments!

Nowadays it’s all about social media and how active you are on it, says actor Meera Deosthale. The actor says that while she would have loved to believe that it is their talent that gets them to work, she says that social media status is also something that makes a huge difference. “Up to two years back, social media wasn’t so big and it wasn’t really about having a certain amount of followers, or paid partnerships and about getting work. As much as I would like to believe that actors get cast for their credibility and talent, I have come to realize that their social media plays a part as a portfolio,” she says.

The actor adds that fan love on social media has helped her gain confidence as well. “Fans validate you in the form of likes, comments, edits, videos and it boosts my confidence and gives me the feeling of being loved,” she says. However, Meera, who has been part of shows such as Vidya and Udaan, adds that social media doesn’t have the power to make or break someone’s career. “I don’t believe that. No one or nothing has that kind of power. Although it can play a stepping stone, only we can make our own career or break our career,” she says.

The actor says that while she loves to keep her fans abreast with what is going on in her professional life, it is her personal life that she prefers to keep under wraps. “I understand the fact that am a public figure and with so much exposure we have in times today, people want to know what is happening in your personal life. But I prefer to keep my personal life ‘personal’. Also, whenever I post something, I do feel responsible that my fans are going to see it and I should be setting an example,” she says.

Well, bring trolled for your posts is something that has become very common nowadays. Talking about this, Meera says, “Sometimes when I have time, I go through comments and I am aware of what my fans are talking about. I don’t react to negative comments. For sure, I do read them. But it doesn’t affect me. Although I do react to nasty and vulgar comments because such people need to be put to their place,” she says.

She has been recently posting a lot of pictures of herself on social media. “Almost all girls know how to do their own basic hair and makeup. After a point, this lockdown got boring and hence I thought why not dress up and click and post some nice pictures on Instagram. Also, it was the first time I had the time to do all this fun stuff on my Instagram,” she says.

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