Qurbaan Hua 22 December 2020 Written Update – Chahat was forced to dance in a bar

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji asked Chahat about them. That dancer was starting her conversation with Vyas Ji, but Chahat interrupted and told Vyas Ji that they lost their way and she will drop them at the bus stand. Outside the house all they started snatching her necklace. Chahat forcefully pushed her, and she got a fracture in her leg. Chahat apologized buys they took Chahat with them. Chahat was shouting at Neel for help.

Neel noticed a van outside the house and was about to go out and check, but Meera tried to stop him buy he anyhow went outside and saw they took Chahat with them in the van, Neel tried to run behind the van but collapsed and feel down. Vyas Ji asked about Chahat to Jamunaparshad. Meers observed them and thought today they Will get to know about the truth. Neel took a bike and started following them, but he fell from the bike. They made Chahat unconscious and informed their boss that they have a new girl for work. Meera came to Neel’s room and found an album in which, she saw Neel’s photo and praised him, and felt guilt for exposing Chahat.

Chahat regained her consciousness and noticed she was at some strange place with dancers’ costumes and thought who changed her dance. Suddenly that dancer came and told her that she have taken advance for your dance. Chahat told Her to give her necklace back as she will not do such a thing, which will destroy my image. That dancer told his men to break that necklace. Chahat stopped him and said she would dance to keep the words of Vyas Ji.

Chahat started dancing in the bar, and Neel was on the way to save her. People came on stage and started throwing money at her. Neel noticed that van, and then he got to know that Chahat is performing inside. Neel came inside and saw the man was teasing Chahat he started beating everyone, then Chahat snatched that necklace from her. Neel asked her why she agreed to do this, then she told her because of that necklace.

Then Neel started beating the other men present there then Chahat stopped him and said to him that she is not liking this place. Neel asked who gave you this number Chahat was trying to distract him, but Neel forced her to reveal the name. Chahat told Meera gave her the number.

Episode end

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