Kundali bhagya 22 December 2020 Written Update – Srishti arrives at Manali with Sameer

At the beginning of the episode, Sherlyn gives Mahira a drug and asks her to put it in Karan’s drink, and after Karan has this drug he forgets everything even that with whom he enjoyed his honeymoon. Mahira says but then he too forgets her then this plan of no use. Sherlyn asks her to record everything and play the victim card. Mahira says first she will tell her that she doesn’t do it but then do it as she loves him so much. There, Srishti and Sameer arrive at Manali.

They take a taxi and Srishti is about to call Preeta. Sameer asks her to think before doing it. Srishti says but she needs to tell this thing to Preeta. Sameer says but what is her plan. Srishti adds she will tell Karan about Kareena also as she too is a liar. Later, Karan notices Preeta’s beauty.

He glares at her. Preeta falls on him. He holds her. Preeta asks if her closeness affects him. Karan says yes he feels special whenever she came close and he wants her to feel the same. Preeti blushes and goes in front of the mirror. She holds sindur box. Karan helps her filling sindoor in her forehead. Preeta feels shy. Karan asks her to take some clothes for him.

He needs to take bath. Srishti calls Preeta but she didn’t pick up so she calls Karan. Preeta takes Karan’s call. Srishti is happy to hear her. She tells her that Mahira is at Manali and she maybe wants to spoil their honeymoon so she needs to take care of her. Preeta says she told this Karan but he didn’t trust her now what will she do.

Srishti clams her down saying that she is coming with Sameer soon. Preeta feels good. She later checks that Mahira seriously staying here even next to her room. She tells this to Srishti. Ahead Karan and Preeta are about to go to a mask party. Mahira and Sherlyn also want to go there.

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