Kumkum bhagya 22 December 2020 Written Update – Abhi hurts Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya asks Abhi if he really will marry Meera. Abhi says she also wants him to marry Meera thus he is doing it. He asks if she is happy. Pragya says yes and she will dance at his marriage party. Abhi asks her to dance on her engagement function. Pragya says fine. He leaves Prachi goes behind him while Pragya is crying. Sarita hears everything. Prachi asks Abhi why he wants to marry someone else. Abhi says because of Pragya he is doing that. He then leaves.

Abhi and Pragya both become sad. Pragya throws the wedding card. While Abhi throws Pragya’s photo but gets it back. Sarita asks Prachi what’s going on. Prachi tells Abhi wants to get married because of them. Sarita says maybe she and Riya fights a lot thus he decides it. Prachi says no it can’t be, the main reason is something else. She wants to ask Pragya about it. Mitali asks Meera to bring tea for her. Meera says sure.

She is going but Aliya stops her saying that doesn’t follow orders. Meera says she has no problem with it so don’t worry. Later Abhi came and tells that Pragya is going to be his special guest at his engagement party so take care of her. Meera nods. Riya asks why he gave an invitation to her. Abhi tells her the reason and leaves. Aliya asks Riya to try her outfit and don’t worry about Pragya as now she can prove to Prachi that she deserves a mother like Meera. Mitali asks if this is good.

Aliya says no, she needs to keep Abhi away from Pragya, she just wants to console Riya thus she says so. She adds that she asks Meera to stay stick to Abhi. Prachi asks Pragya if she is upset. In reply, Pragya says she needs to pick a dress for the party. Dadi came and ask Pragya to stop Abhi to which she says she can’t, Abhi himself invites her. Dadi leaves with a heavy heart.

There Ranbir decides to change himself so that Prachi can hate him. Pallavi overhears. Aryan asks if Ranbir can handle Prachi’s hate rate. He says yes. Pallavi becomes sad she goes to her room and tells everything about Ranbir. Vikram asks her to think before doing anything. There Riya gives Abhi his dress, he asks if she is happy to which she says yes. Abhi thinks to marry Meera for Riya only.

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