Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21 December 2020 Written Update

At starting Rani was in trouble about how she can drive the car and take drunken Veer and Kiara to the palace. By taking the courage and the name of god she begins driving, she drives the car in a very rough way but somehow manages to reach home. In-home Pinku was splashing water on the face of Digvijay but couldn’t manage to awake him and walks away from that room to find somebody’s help when he was asking for help in the corridor of the home he finds Jaisingh and Champa hugging each other in a romantic manner by seeing this Pinku becomes shocked, and Jaisingh also sees him and Pinku runs from that area to ground floor where he finds Rani carrying Veer.

Pinku tries to tell Rani about Jaisingh but couldn’t do it. Rani takes Veer with Kiara to the room where Digvijay is fighting for his life. After seeing his father’s condition Veer becomes emotional and falls to the ground. Because Veer is drunk he can’t use his hands and eyes appropriately so Rani helps him she follows every instruction of Veer which is to check Digvijay’s bp and giving him aspirin then she begins to pray to God for Digvijay’s life. In other scenes we see Vikram and Rajmata coming back from the temple in their car on their way to the palace then suddenly the pooja thali falls from her hand on the floor of the car by seeing this Rajmata says ” this is a matter of concern “.Then at home, Rani counts impulses of Digvijay which she finds are decreasing than she asks Veer what to do by splashing water on him, which he replies to Rani “have to give CPR “and he also gives a hand gesture of pointing a book to be used for CPR.

In the next scene, Padmini enters the palace and finds nobody on the ground floor, and hears the voice of Rani. Rani by following the instructions of Veer and seeing the book gives CPR to Digvijaya. Padmini by listing to Tami’s voice comes into the room and gets shocked by seeing her jija in this condition and she asks Rani what happened to him which Rani replies “maybe heart attack”.By seeing no result Rani again asks Veer what to do now, Veer says to do the hand pressing moment on Digvijay’s chest 30 times, Padmini calls her doctor for this emergency and Rani does the exact same act said by Veer by which Digvijay gets consciousness and at this time Rajmata and Vikram also come and Padmini aware the situation to them.

In the next scene, we see Pinku hiding under the bed and Hai Singh finds him and threats Pinku with the help of a knife for seeing him with Champa. In the next scene, Vikram puts Beer’s face in a bowl of water to conscious him back. In-room we see Veer’s sister has also come back from somewhere and asked about what happens to his father which doctor Maurya(called by Padmini for help) replies “it’s a heart attack but now Digvijay is fine “.Veer enters the room with Vikram and seat near his father and says he couldn’t help his father in this critical situation which Digvijay says I am fine, and Padmini says we should thank the person who given CPR to Digvijay. Rani replies something but Padmini stops her by says “you help us a lot now don’t say anything and you really loves this family I want to hug you”, by listing this Rani becomes emotional but instant after hugging Rani Padmini hugged Kiara (who was standing behind Rani), and Padmini thinks I will never give credit to this labor class people{Episode ends}

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