Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22 December 2020 Written Update – Padmini lies to the family members

At the start, Padmini hugs Kiara and says thanks to her for help in saving Digvijay’s life(by this Padmini manipulates everyone that Kiara saved Digvijay’s life), by this statement of Padmini Rani, becomes shocked and every member begins to thank Kiara one by one, Veer’s sister hugs Kiara then says thank you, Veer has a flashback of someone giving him support but couldn’t understands face than he also thank Kiara by saying “ if you were not here than he could have lost his father and he can’t pay back her work of honor”. Kiara also pretends in front of everyone that she is the savior of Digvijay’s life instead of giving credits to Rani.

In the next scene, Veer’s sister tries to call her mother but fails suddenly Jaisingh comes from another side and collides with her than she asks him where you are coming from and where you were when my father was suffering, Jaisingh with a rude manner says to her “ you have no rights to ask me this and I am not a doctor to see your father’s health”, by listing this she walks away from him and Jaisingh after this feels instead regret and blames Pinku and Rani for this behavior to himself. 

In-room, where Digvijay is lying Veer, gives him advice of not drinking alcohol and will fully take care of his health which Digvijay totally agree with him, that for giving medicines to Digvijay he orders Vikram for water but Rani already comes with a glass of water by seeing this Digvijay flashes that when he was suffering Rani also that time gives water to him, which he tells everyone but he asks Rani that why you ran away, which replies Padmini by saying “she secured and run away by seeing you in that position”, and Padmini tells everyone that how Kiara gave CPR to Digvijay by following the instruction of Veer and book, and Digvijay says her a big thank, Kiara smartly replies “don’t thank me like that, I think uncle you had a heart attack because of overthinking of my and Veer’s wedding could not happen”, Vikram has a suspect on Kiara and asks her what is the full form of CPR, which Kiara ignore and walks away from the room. After going of everyone from the room Digvijay and Rajmata have a conversation, Rajmata says “I thought at this stage of my life you will going to take care of me”, which Digvijay replies with a sorry and then Rajmata says “the matter is not about heart attack instead it is about why it happened and you also met Rajeshwari what happened”, which Digvijay thinks what insult he faced from Rajeshwari but don’t tells to Rajmata instead he says a fake story which Rajmata denies to be true and she says” it is good that you are respecting Rajeshwari and your relation but if because of Rajeshwari your health is suffering it is not good for both of you and I will not leave Rajeshwari for this thing”, after this conversation Digvijay takes a promise from Rajmata that she will not say anything to Rajeshwari.

In next scene Veer and Rani also have a conversation in hall of the palace Veer says in a angry manner “if you were there when my father had a heart attack why didn’t you help him and ran away”, which Rani replies in a polite manner “i helped him by following your instruction that give cpr for 30 time “, which Veer denies and says “don’t lie you were not who helped my father, she was Kiara who followed my instruction , I think you were standing there that’s why you know this , I think before that you are a kind hearted person but you are a lier and you should get A for lying”,which Rani says “I only believe in helping Raja saheb not for any credit , I only take care that Raja saheb is fine , who helped him I don’t care” and she also says to Veer “you are such a kind hearted person that you can’t see the real truth”, which Veer replies by blaming Rani for his father’s bad health conditions and also says that everything which is going bad is because of you Rani, than Veer walks away from her. 

In next we see Padmini comes to Rani and says “ you are such a amusing person that you didn’t reply anything in room which I told everyone”, which Rani replies “Rajmata taught me that don’t insult any relative and guest “, which Padmini replies “don’t act fake in front of me that will affect you in long term”.  And Padmini also targets her for this incident by telling Rani that it’s your fault because if you didn’t give the driver holiday if you were not driving the car then the accident was not going to happen then Veer was also not going to drink alcohol and if Veer was conscious that time then he can single handedly save the life of Digvijay without you Rani.

{Episode ends}

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