Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22 December Written Update – Riddhima stands in a tough spot

At the beginning of the episode, Kabir is doing Christmas party preparation with everyone suddenly all got Christmas tune at the same time. Ishani thinks why Vansh gives them this tune. Riddhima hears it and thinks Vihan said that he will make her Christmas party worse. Vansh came. Ishani asks Vansh why he sends this tune to everyone. Vansh says they are gonna celebrate the Christmas party together thus he gave this message to everyone.

Ishani asks what about her gift. Vansh says she will get it soon. Riddhima thinks to spoil Vihan’s plan. There, Kabir asks why her husband always wants to celebrate each and everything. He adds earlier they celebrate her birthday party then dinner party and now Christmas party. Riddhima asks how he knew about their dinner date. Kabir says he is a police officer and it is very easy for him to find out things. He then leaves and notices a strange thing. He thinks who wants to fool someone. Kabir adds only Vansh’s hamshakl can do it.

There, Riddhima notices that Vihan is watching how to make a bomb. She thinks if he wants to kill her using the bomb. She gets nervous. Later party start. Vansh give gifts to everyone while Riddhima is still nervous. She recalls his plan and thinks maybe Vihan put a bomb on these dolls. Vansh says Riddhima is very special for him thus 8 gifts 8 dhamaka which can blow her mind. Riddhima takes all dolls and says she will take care of these and distribute them in the party. She tries to find the bomb. She thinks to save her family.

Vansh came and ask what happened, she looks so nervous about how can she handle party dhamaka. He leaves while Riddhima stands still. Later, Riddhima is getting ready for the party. She is struggling with her blouse chain. Vihan helps her and asks her to bear the party thing in her mind. Riddhima says he is very overconfident. Vansh smirks and leave. Meantime Riddhima is about to put on her sandal. In flashback someone is putting the bomb in Riddhima’s sandal, flashback ends.

Riddhima wears those bomb sandals. Riddhima asks Dadi that she doesn’t play this game. Dadi says no, she should play this game, she will enjoy it for sure. Vansh and Riddhima hold a balloon and they have to keep it in that way to win the game. Riddhima thinks to throw that balloon out but Vansh says no. She is about to fall because of her sandal but Vansh holds her and asks her to remove the heels else she will slip.

Riddhima says okay while Angre and Ishani’s balloon falls. Dadi says she knew that Riddhima and Vansh will win. Someone call Vansh, he goes from there. Riddhima follows him. Vansh tells someone that this work is very important to him. Riddhima thinks maybe he is talking about the bomb plan. Episode end.

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