Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22 December 2020 Written Update – Heer is in deep shock

At beginning of the episode, Sant demands the truth. Virat says let it go, Heer is tired, they will talk to her later. He asks Heer to come inside. Parmeet stops them saying his father is talking about something important with Biji so stay there. Biji says she knows nothing. She starts putting drama in front of him. Sant says he demands an answer, not her drama. Biji says she really knows nothing. Sant fries bullet. Everyone gets afraid. There Preeto and the whole family worship Durga maa.

Sant says he only wants an answer he again fries bullet. Biji holds her breath tight. Sant warns this time he will shoot her so it would be better if she tells him the truth. Preeto thinks it is so good that Heer is still safe and her truth also didn’t come in front of people. But there Biji tells everyone that Angel wants to sell Heer because Heer is kinnar. Sants gets shocked. Virat says what are you saying she is his wife.

Sant says Biji is lying to hide her truth. He is about to shoot her but Parmeet says it is true that Heer is a Eunice. Their bad omen happened in Preeto’s house. Parmeet says our son loves a kinnar. After knowing everything he hides it from us and marries a kinnar. Heer asks Virat why Parmeet is saying that she a kinnar. She asks him to tell her the truth. Virat cares for her while his eyes become moist. Parmeet says because she is a kinnar thus Virat saying nothing. She adds she is in lack, not Virat.

Heer demands an answer. Virat stays silent. Heer takes the gun from Sants’s hand and asks him to tell her the truth. Virat says he will tell, he recalls that he made a promise with Preeto that he will always hide the truth of Heer but then he uncovers her truth in front of Heer. He recalls every single word of Virat. Heer gets on her knees. Virat says Heer are you okay. He consoles her saying that nothing has changed, he doesn’t mind this thing. Sant says but he mind, his daughter-in-law can’t be a kinnar.

Virat says he doesn’t mind if they don’t accept her, he already accepted her long ago. He says to Heer clam down everything is fine, he loves her even after knowing her truth. Sant says his son did wrong by marrying a kinnar. Parmeet says not only their son at fault, Preeto and her family also did wrong. Heer asks if Preeto knows everything. Parmeet says not only Preeto but her whole family knows about it except her. Virat tries to hold Heer But she pushes him.

Heer gets up. Virat shouts Heer. She runs away. Sants holds Virat and says he can’t go behind a kinnar. Virat says then close your eyes because I will go. Sant asks Daljeet to close the door. He says to Virat that he not that old that he can’t stop him. Virat tries to lessen his grip but he hardly holds him. Parmeet shut off his phone and ask everyone not to not to picks up Preeto’s call if she calls them.

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