Choti Sarrdaarni 22 December 2020 Written Update – A painful moment for Sarab

At the beginning of the episode, Param was trying to quiet Karan, and suddenly he recalled that he can get money by begging as he saw little children doing like that and earning money. Meher and Sarab came back and found Param and Karan were missing from there. Param was begging for 17 rupees in the market, but no one was helping him. Param got his eyes filled with tears.

Meher and Sarab were searching for Param and Karan and asking for them to random peoples. Karan was crying loudly nonstop. Param told him to keep quiet and assured him that his big brother would surely arrange milk for him. Sarab and Meher got a clue from someone, and then they moved towards the market.

Param stood near Vikram, but he did not notice, because his men said, Vikram that they got some information about the Sarab family, and then they went off. Sarab and Meher came across Param, who was begging for money. Meher went to Param and slapped him. Sarab was surprised to see Param like this and sat down. Meher scolded param for begging like this. Meher angrily took Param with her, and Sarab picked Karan in his hands and followed them.

A crowd was protesting outside the Gill mansion. Rony informed Harleen that they are worried about the sudden missing of Sarab. Harleen went outside and saw Pathak was asking about Sarab on behalf of the crowd. And then manipulated them for making a new party that Kulwant will lead. Everyone welcomed Kulwant and started shouting her name. Meher came back home and started scolding Param for begging and without permission taking Karan with you.

Param is a crying voice told that Karan’s milk got over, so he thought of bringing milk for Karan, and so he thought of taking help from someone, and he was not begging. Param told me he was trying to help you all as I know there is no money. Meher went off from there with tears in her eyes. Param went to Sarab, and he hugged Param.

Meher went outside and felt guilty for beating Param and started slapping herself. Sarab came and stopped her from doing that. Meher blamed herself for what happed. Sarab said this is all his fault as they have treated their sons like a king. Sarab said that he would never forget today’s moment because it has hurt me a lot, and Sarab went from there.

Episode end

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