Namak Issk ka 22 December 2020 Written Update – Chamcham rejects Rony proposal

At the beginning of the episode, Yug went to Iravati and told her that you were too rude with Gunjan. Irawati said she is very much concerned about Rupa, because if man losses his money and a woman losses her beauty then they both get broken from inside, but they do not utter anything. Irawati said she is lucky for having Rony and you as the husband of my daughters.

Chamcham was practicing her dance, and suddenly one man came and gave gifts and said Rony sir has sent for you. Lucky and Rani were very much excited to see the gifts. Chamcham called Rony, but Yug picked her call and praised her talent. Chamcham got happy as Rony showed her audition video to his younger brother.

Yug misunderstood her as a necklace girl. Chamcham was introducing her self, but Rony took his phone back from her. Chamcham thanked her for the gifts. Rony told her to meet at the locao as from today shooting will start. Rony made decorations for Chamcham and decided to purpose her. Yug came with Rupa to that same location as he hears Rony talking over a call about the surprise and thought giving surprise to Rony. Yug and Chamcham crossed each other without noticing each other.

Chamcham entered the auditorium and was a little confused seeing the cake and decorations. Rony said as today is the first day of shooting, so he thought of making the environment romantic. Rony requested Chamcham to cut the cake and held her hand Chamcham felt little occurred. Yug insisted Rupa close her eye, and there Rony requested Chamcham to close her eyes. Rony took out a gold necklace and made her wear that necklace. Rony sat down and held her hands, and confessed his love. Yug came inside with Rupa and was surprised to see the decoration. Rony and Chamcham were in another auditorium.

Chamcham told Rony that she could not marry him as she only considers her as his good friend and told him that she only lives for their lucky and Rani. Chamcham left from there. Yug saw Rony passing from there, and he called him. Rony was a little surprised to see them there. Chamcham came home and took the sugar jar, and start eating. Lucky and Rani were insisting on Chamcham to reveal why she is in tension.

Rony came inside, and Yug told him that I heard you talking to the secretary and thought of giving a surprise to you. Then Rony made Rupa wear that necklace. Chamcham was finding her that key which was missing from her bag. Rani told her to bring back that key as it was her childhood memory. Chamcham thought of going to that mansion and being back her key.

Episode end

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