Barrister babu 22 December 2020 written update – Trilochan warns Sampoorna

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh asks Bondita to show Sampoorna the kitchen. Bondita smile seeing Sampoorna and says take care of the kitchen from now on. They leave. Trilochan asks why Anirudh gives kitchen work to Sampoorna, it a pure place, how can he have food from now on. There, Bondita gives kitchen keys to Sampoorna saying that take care of the kitchen as she can’t because she needs to read and get no time for household work.

Sampoorna cares keys and Bondita leaves. She thinks it would be better if Sampoorna will handle this stuff and forget sour things. Trilochan says Anirudh did wrong while Munshi came. He begs Anirudh and says please give me work. Anirudh asks what kind of work he wants, burning those girls who get widow. Munshi says he knows he did wrong but forgive me once. Anirudh forgives him and gives his job back. Later Bondita says Sampoorna mingles in household work as maybe she will soon forget everything.

Anirudh says good and then ask her to study. Trilochan came and give Bondita a saree and jewelry for pitra puja. Anirudh says but Bondita needs to study. Trilochan says Bondita can go out for a week for Sampoorna but when he asked her a little bit of time he forbids. Bondita says don’t worry she will do both study and puja. Trilochan says good, teach something to her husband. He leaves while Anirudh asks Bondita to teach him. Bondita laughs. Trilochan goes to Sampoorna and asks her to be within her limits and never ever dare to create a fuss in his house.

Sampoorna recall her mother’s words and grabs the keys tight. Ahead, Bondita asks Anirudh what is pitra puja? Anirudh tells her and recalls his mother. He tells his mother’s story and her habits to Bondita. Trilochan joins them too and tells Bondita about Anirudh’s mother. He says she was a very nice and kind woman. Trilochan tells Anirudh’s mother always called her Lochan da.

Anirudh says yes his mother likes to make a different name. She called Batuk as Golu, Somnath as Bapu. Bondita asks what she called him. Anirudh says, Gopal. There is a strange woman who behaves like Anirudh’s mother and says Gopal I will come soon to meet you.

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