Shaadi Mubarak 22 December 2020 Written Update – KT reveals the shocking truth

At the beginning of the episode, KT says Preeti asked to help him but he reveals the truth of their marriage. Preeti says that couples private moment and they can’t show them to everyone. KT says really. He then gets close Preeti to and wants to kiss her but Preeti pushed her away and asks if he really thinks he is right. KT says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Preeti says no they need to talk. She asks why he has changed into a different person and if he thinks that what he is doing was right?

She says if he thinks so then do whatever he wants. KT comes towards Preeti he wraps her saree around and apologizes to her. Later he falls on the bed and goes into a deep sleep. Preeti gets shocked. She removes his shoes and says that she will bring the old KT back. In the morning, KT opens his eyes. Preeti brings a sober drink for him. She says she put ginger and lemon in apple juice so that he will feel better. KT says but he doesn’t like ginger. Preeti glares at him. KT says fine he will drink. Preeti starts putting stuff into a bag.

KT recalls the night thing, he thinks Preeti wants to leave him because of that and he forbid Preeti from doing so. Preeti says she is not going, he and Arjun are going. KT asks if she wants to throw them out. Preeti says no, they are going to Mountabu to spend some time alone with each other. KT thanks her. While Kusala came and ask Preeti to come with her, they need to talk. Preeti goes with her. She tells Preeti how KT and Nandni used to love each other and if she can’t give happiness KT then leave him. Preeti looks on. Neel arrives at Kusum’s house. Priyanka says from now on she can’t teach him as she can’t accept what Kusala had said earlier. She shut the door on his face.

There, KT asks Arjun if they can go for brunch. Arjun happily says of course. That’s when Nandni calls Arjun and tells him that she accidentally hit someone’s bike and now those peoples are bothering her so much. Preeti and KT arrive to save Nandni. He beats the goons saying that Nandni his everything, how can they mess with her. Nandni smirks. She looks at Preeti and asks KT to stop. KT leaves those goons. Later she taunts Preeti saying that KT only loves her and soon he will throw out Preeti.

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