Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 December 2020 Written Update – Pakhi returned home

At the beginning of the episode, Bhavini was upset because Virat took a stand for Sai, and because of her Pakhi left. the house. Bhavini told anyhow we have to keep Pakhi to this house because all property of Samrat belongs to Pakhi, and Mansi had full right on that. Bhavini called Pakhi and told her that Mansi is not well added she left this house and everyone needs you in this house. Bhavini told her to think and make the right decision and cuts the call.

Sai was angry with Virat and suddenly Sai collapsed with Virat, and she was leu that with her blanket and pillow and told Virat not to come to take her. Pakhi called Vueat and told him that shy he sent Sai to his house. Virat said he is unaware of this and then requested Pakhi to come back in the name of others. Pakhi said she will come back if no one will insult her in that house if this happened then she will leave that house permanently. Virat asked Sai that why she went to Pakhi’s house. Sai told Virat went to her because she promised him that she will bring her back. Virat told me if you went to Pakhi house then shy she hid this from everyone. Sai told to leave this and concentrate that Pakhi is coming tomorrow. Virat told Sai that he is unable to understand this round of talks.

Pakhi came back with his father, and Bhavini got happy after seeing her. Bjaviyntokd Karishma to bring Mansi. Bhavani told Pakhi’s father that she is sorry for what happened with Pakhi in this house. Pakhi’s father told them all this is not necessary as Pakhi is worried about Samrat and that someone is trying to insult her. Bhavini gave assurance to his father that no one will misbehave with her. Ashwini was requesting Sai to go to her room. Shiwani took Stand for Sai and told them to treat Sai equally as Pakht.

Bhavini taunted Shiwani for not managing her own family and now giving advice to others. Shiwani told me it is very clear because of Smart pension and property you are not allowing Pakhi to leave this house. Bhavini told her to keep quiet, or else she has to become wild. Pakhi told she does not have any interest in Samrat property or pension as all this belongs to Mansi. Bhavani praised Pakhi and insulted Sai. Sai came forward in aggression and asked them for coffee all they were surprised to see her sudden change in her behavior.

Karishma informed Pakhi about yesterday’s incident how Sai created a scene. Then Pakhi got to know that Sai was telling the truth that she came to her home without telling anyone.

Episode end


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