Anupama 22 December 2020 Written Update – Anupama gets teaching job

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya makes breakfast while Vanraj is having breakfast. Kavya tells him that she wants to apply for the loan to which Vanraj asks why. Kavya says for their house and if we need more money then arrange it. Vanraj looks on. There, Rakhi asks Anupama that soon Kinjal will take her side so there is no need to get happy. Anupama ignores her saying that she needs to go to her job. Anupama goes with Samar. Kavya says to Vanraj don’t worry she will give back his money after taking it.

She looks at him and asks if anything is wrong? Vanraj says he can’t spend his money on the house as he has other responsibilities. Kavya asks if she is not? Vanraj says she is but he can’t put money on wasteful things. Kavya gets irritated. She says when Vanraj can give money to Anupama then why he is so hesitated to help her. Vanraj asks her not to drag Anupama in every matter of theirs. Kavya says Anupama always stands in between them like a wall. She asks if Vanraj wants both of them.

Vanraj gets angry and asks her not to say so. He leaves while Kavya stands still. There, Anupama arrives at school. She accidentally hits with Principal and gets shocked. On the other side, Lila asks Kinjal not to have food that her mother send. While Principal asks Anupama if now she will take her job seriously or not. She tells Anupama that her husband never takes care of her that is why she became the head of the schools and now she wants to know if Anupama too values her job.

There Paritosh and Kinjal come close to each other. Lila notices them. They escape. Anupama tells the Principal that she wants this job for her family and she will value this opportunity if she gives her. There Kavya tells Vanraj that it didn’t do well in the project then he can lose his job. While Anupama gets the job. She and Samar are happy, they dance happily. Meantime Vanraj is unhappy as he can lose his job.

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