Yeh Hain Chahtein 22 December 2020 Written Update – Saransh got involved in the plan

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha came to Khuranas’s mansion with Yuvraj. Rudkraksh told her that after this never try to come to this house again. Preesha went and knocked on the door and requested Saranash to open the door. Saransh came out and hugged her tightly and told her why she left us and how this Mahima became Rudraksh wife. Preesha told Saeansho to come inside and settle down, and she will make everything clear.

Mahima said she would also come with them, but Saranash shouted and told her not to come with them. Preesha went with her and told him that they would play a game to prove that our family is strong for that you have to accept Mahima as your mother or else they will lose the game. Preesha told Saransh to keep this a secret with the three of us. Then Preesha called Rudkraksh inside the room. Then Rudkraksh also advised him to accept Mahima as her mother and to keep this as a family secret and not to share with anyone especially Mahima.

Saransh asked Preesha that why are we playing this difficult game, and why God has given this game to us. Preesha told us we are a favorite of God, so they gave this Challenge to them. Then they had a family hug. Rudkraksh told Preesha that we have to find proof against Mahima as soon as possible as he can not live without you for many days. Then all they came out, and Saranash requested Shardha for food. Mahima asked Preesha that what miracle she did with her.

Preesha told Mahima that she told him that we are playing a game and that we have to stay apart from each other for a few days. Mahima objected that why you said him like this as he would be waiting for you and was about to go to Saransh and acknowledge him about the truth but Rudkraksh stopped him and told her not to do anything as now Saranash is quite, and after some time he will forget Preesha. Vashudha apologized to Rudkraksh on behalf of Preesha for doing such things with Rudkraksh. Preesha said there is no need of doing this as they have troubled her very much and went from there.

Mahima was feeling happy about becoming the queen of the house. Rudkraksh told her that for a few days he would sleep with her. Mahima came to Preeshae room and saw her jewelry and thought she never got so much money as she lotted so many rich people. Then she recalled how she fooled everyone and lotted their money. Mahima thought it is very easy to fool men as they get melted with 2-3 sweet words and thought of being safe as now her name is converted.

Episode end

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