Imlie 22 December 2020 Written Update – Malini’s request to Imli

The episode starts with Malini and Aditya doing prayers. Imli leaves and crying. Imli thinks about Aditya’s word and starts crying, while Mithi tears the ticket and said that God will make another way to meet Imli. Satyakam told Mithi that why she wants to meet Dev. Mithi said because of Imli.

Imli hears Rupali crying and told her if she doesn’t like lehenga but Rupali reply that she cannot uphold the relationship, but I’m told that you have a twinkle there is always a good motive behind everything. Rupali becomes happy and said how Imli knows that much about relationships and leaves. Imli starts telling that how Henna made. Aparna requests Imli to make Henna for Malini. Imli said yes to making Henna.

Shashank comes and hug Anu and said that he is coming for making the ceremony awesome. Anu taunts her mother in law for doing pooja.
Aparna and other family members talk about Pranab for their marriage and life. Imli thinks heard everything and gets sad. Imli is making Henna and Aditya comes into the kitchen and taunts Imli why she makes Henna, Imli told that Aparna told her to do this, Aditya told Imli don’t try to make a place in everyone’s heart but Imli says how much she did for everyone she cannot be the part of the family. And explains that no one knows their relationships with Aditya so that she can live here. Imli leaves.

Nidhi said to everyone that the beauty parlor is refused to come, Anu starts taunting that they are saving money, while Aparna request Imli to make Henna on Malini’s hand. Malini said to Imli that this is the first time when Anu and Aditya are on the same side, and request Imli to apply Henna on her hand.

Episode end

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