Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 22 December 2020 Written Update – Pushpa lies to Agastya about Chote Guddan

At the start, Agastya asks everyone about Guddan but no one can give the proper answer to him. His daughter tells him that she didn’t saw Guddan at home for a long time, his sister tells that she doesn’t know about Guddan, his Chachi tells him to calm down and take care of your health we do not inform you about Guddan because the doctor not allowed them to give you stress. 

Then Agastya asks some question from her, after this she replies “Guddan lived you because the doctor said that even you regain consciousness you could be paralyzed forever, but by Lord Krishna’s blessing you are absolutely fine”, by listing this Agastya says ” this is false Guddan can’t do this she loves me a lot “, to mislead him Pushpa tells that I took care of you so much but after awaking you asked for Guddan not me, again she tells him that Guddan doesn’t love you, she lived you because she thought you will be paralyzed and she has to take care of you. But Agastya also denies this and says that Guddan really loves him, to prove herself correct Pushpa shows Agastya the mangal sutra of Guddan, by seeing the mangal sutra Agastya have a flashback of Guddan who she tells him that she is a married woman and this mangal sutra is a symbol of that. Then Agastya shouts and dials a call to Hussain which doesn’t receive. After this Agastya takes a decision to find Guddan and he will ask her why she left him.

In the next scene (1 month later)

Gufran in a different house and changes calendar date and fire candles then she sees her and Agastya’s photo and started talking to that photo of Agastya that today one month is complete, and how it is completed only I know, that how I controlled my emotions and regretted my decision, I wish that if my mother in law didn’t hate me, I and you were living together happily. Then she tells photo that only one thing made balance in my life this month and that is are baby(she touches her stomach) and then she also tells that she is wearing only one payal which is given by you Agastya by touching payal she goes into a flashback of Agatya tying that Payal on her feet, then she calls him to come by listing this Payal’s tune, and then bell rings.

In the next scene, Guddan shouts the name of Agastya and runs towards the door and when she opens the door she really finds Agastya standing there and she goes into flashbacks of her and Agastya’s first meeting, their relationship, by seeing Agastya she becomes happy.

Agastya enters into her home and shows Guddan her mangal sutra and he askss her that this mangal sutra do you give to my mom, which in reply Guddan says “yes” then he shouts at him and asks why do you do this, which she replies that mummy Ji asked to take this mangal sutra back that’s why, which Agastya denies and says “lie, this is a lie and you are lier, you thought I will get paralyzed and will be a burden on you”, and he starts pressing shoulders of Guddan and then a voice come saying “stop Agastya, you have no right to beat my daughter” which Agastya turned and see that she is none other than his own mother in law, after seeing her he goes into a flashback where Guddan says her mother is alive but Pushpa denies by saying Gufran is mentally ill.

In end, Agastya keeps staring at her mother in law.{Episode Ends} 


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