Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 December 2020 Written Update – Reunion of the family

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik and Naira heard Kairav’s voice. Kairav was running from Ridhima, and she was requesting him not to go far from her. Kairav without his specs was running in the forest. Ridhima fell into the river while saving Kairav. Kartik told Naira that she does not know how to swim, on the next moment, Naira jumped into the river and dragged her out of it. Naira and Kartik mutually scolded for breaking their trust as they believed you with their very precious thing. Kartik told Kairav would not accept her anyhow. Kairave said Ridhima that you are very bad, and you just tried to apart me from my mother.

Ridhima told me that she tried to control me but I was not able to stop myself to consider Kairav as my son. Ridhima told that you can send her to jail to punish her for this act. Naira said they will get nothing out of it and asked her to give a promise, that she will not repeat this act again and as there are many children without their parents. Ridhima thanked Naira and told Kairav to forgive her, and requested Kairav for the last hug. Ridhima hugged him and told her that she would miss him.

Kairav told Kartik that he used the defense technique which you taught me. Kartik received a Manish call and got to know that Dadi is admitted to the hospital. Kairav said that we all would go to meet her. Manish told Naksh to do anything possible, but my mother should be safe. Mairavt came and hugged Manish and told her that nothing would happen to her mother. Kairav told them he would pray to God as God listen to them early. Manish said after you all came my stress got divided. Naksh requested Doctor to allow Naira and Kartik to meet Dadinfor once as she was missing them. Naira and Kartik went inside and said, Dadi to open her eyes as they have come to meet them.

Naira also said Dadi to open her eyes and see his son has come to meet you. Kartik told Dadi not to be so angry with them as they not come for so long. Dadi slowly opened her eyes and saw them and felt happy. Dadi said in a low voice to come back to the house. Manish came inside and told them to come back to save one life as they did before. Kartik and Naira standing outside the house were recalling Gayu’s words. Manish told them not to think so much and get inside.

Episode end

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