Hansa Singh: I will pamper myself at a spa this Valentine’s Day

While she is yet to make solid plans, pampering herself seems to a priority for actress Hansa Singh, this Valentine’s Day. The actress says that she loves Valentine’s Day and is a firm believer in the emotion of love.

“With time being more evolved and seeing life up close and personal, I still feel love on this special day, crazy as it may sound! I have no plans as of now. If nothing, I will indulge in self love by pampering myself at a spa. Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. I still believe in fairy tales and public display of affection,” she says.

Everyone has a very different way of dealing with love and relationships, she says, adding, “I believe in the balance. There should not be too much of a demonstration, nor should you be too silent. Keep the flow organic. If you miss your partner, say it…Simple. Sometimes extremes can be deal-breaker.”

She adds, “We do need the expression of love, it’s important. No human can say he or she can live without it. We all need love, empathy, compassion and of course communication. Communication is the key. There is nothing more or less. What one is comfortable with is apt. But be true to yourself, that’s important. With social media being so big, you have the right to see what you you want to share. But do not suffocate yourself. If that’s the situation, please speak up.”

The meaning of love has changed and one needs to live in the moment, says Hansa, adding, “Love is all about emotions, and at some point, practicality will go out of the window, as emotions never leave. Today’s youth are quite true to themselves and say what they feel right. Love and evolving in love is a journey. Today’ love is live, whereas earlier it used to be now and forever. Today’s love is all emoji’s and snapchats. Earlier, it used to be calls and meetings.”