Happy Diwali: Celebs on what the festival of lights mean to them, share celebration plans

Diwali is synonymous to good food, fun and happy times with loved ones. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating the festival of lights this year. Celebrities too have made plans and the countdown has already begun. They talk about what the festival signifies to them and how they are looking forward to making merry:
Salim Diwan
I enjoy this festival that symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The lights of Diwali signifies a time to destroy all our dark desires, thoughts, eradicate evil and gain strength out of good deeds and also get the positive zeal to carry on the rest of the year. My most favourite Diwali memory is to meet my old friends and have all the sweets and farsans. I love to celebrate all the festivals with my family and friends at home. I don’t enjoy going out to celebrate. As festivals means spending some joyful time with our own people.

Vandana Khandelwal
Diwali signifies hope and happiness.  I love the whole festive vibe, lovely decorations all around and so much positivity. My most favourite Diwali memory as a kid is making rangolis, it was so much fun. I would like to stay at home and celebrate with family this time, dress up, do pooja and eat lots of delicious sweets. Diwali celebration doesn’t end in a day, it goes on for a month, visiting friends and loved ones, sending goodies etc.

Ridhiema Tiwari
I was always drawn towards lights from my childhood. Decorative Lights made me the happiest. I looked forward to beautiful well lit arrangements in my house, neighbourhood, the market area and temples. I hated the sound of crackers when I was a baby. My mom would stuff my ears because I wouldn’t stop crying. For me Diwali is indeed the festival of lights— lamps, lanterns, diya’s , Laxmi Puja ,phuljadis, good food, flowers, sweets, new clothes and family get-togethers. My most favorite Diwali memory is the one where I overcame my fear of crackers when I was in my 8th Standard. For the first time at my Nani’s house in Gwalior, I burst a lot of crackers that day and felt free from fear. Like every year, I am celebrating Diwali at home in my favorite ways. My husband, Jaskaran Singh, and I are going to be dressed in our best Indian attires. We may invite a few close friends for dinner and have a wonderful family time with our pets (three dogs, Rio Rocky and Arya). We also plan to have a karaoke session to complete the Diwali fun.

Anupama Solanki
Diwali is a very precious festival to me, fun, vibrant and energetic because there are lights everywhere, brightness, decorations, excitement and positivity. Each and every Diwali is memorable for me when spent with my family. Unfortunately for the last two years I could not go home during Diwali. But this time, I plan to celebrate the festival with my family. And the best part is that I am fully vaccinated. I can go to my home town Chandigarh and have a gala time. I will also not be able to meet my friends in Mumbai.

Nilesh Ahuja
Diwali is one of the major festivals in India and this is all about making fun with friends and family. The festival of lights means fun, good food and happy times with loved ones. As always, this year too I will be celebrating it with my friends and family, and then I will be going on a short trip to the mountains.