Have a cracking Diwali: Celebs on what cracker they resemble, and why

Diwali means lights, good food, fun with loved ones and of course bursting crackers. People have started stacking phuljharis, anars, pencil and sutli bombs, rockets, etc, and kids can’t wait to celebrate the festival. Celebrities talk about the crackers they feel they resemble with, and also explain the reason behind their thoughts. Read on:

Ridhiema Tiwari
I think I resemble an anar, spreading light and positive vibes by creating sparkly small moments of joy wherever I go and energizing and charging everything and everyone around me. I’m a positive person and that reflects in my personality.

Ragini Nandwani
I resemble a multi-colored anar. I feel in real life too I am colourful and full of life. I like to be vibrant like a multi-coloured anar that shines bright and then goes up in a calm way. It spreads light and positive vibes. Like the anar, I also want to be happy and love to be around happy people.

Jasmin Bhasin
For me it should be the rocket because it shoots up towards the sky!! It is said, ‘The sky’s the limit’ and everyone wants to be an achiever. I also feel I still have to achieve great heights in my career.

Prateik Chaudhary
I would say Rocket because I like to be on the top. For sure I want to achieve more in my career. I feel I’m always on a roll and ready to fulfill my ambitions.

Shiny Doshi
My personality gels well with a phuljari because it has sparkles and it shines. Also, my name is Shiny, so you get the thrill. Secondly, when you come closer to phuljari it has sparkles which give you a burning sensation, as we say it ‘chatka’. I’m vibrant and always express myself.

Eijaz Khan

I think I resemble a rocket… iski tarah main bhi bohot jaldi uppar chad jata hu aur uppar chadke fatt bhi jata hu. I also feel I have lived life in the fast lane and always follow my heart for my goals.

Sharad Malhotra
I resemble sky shot fireworks which aims the sky and it spreads light all over. Given the  many colours this crackers have, it makes everyone happy and brightens up the mood. So my colourful and vibrant personality matches with it.

Himanshu Malhotra
I think I am more like the anar because it spreads the shine, when it starts, it reaches the peak before slowing down. Our lives are much like anars, we start our journey, meet people, make memories, talk to them and then slowly when we start aging things many a times become gloomy. I can closely relate to it.