Happy Valentine’s Day: Celebs on the significance of the day, also share their plans

Love is the universal emotion that binds us all. It is the reason why the world feels a better place. Celebrating the day of love is therefore special. With Valentine’s Day round the corner, everyone is looking forward to spending the day with their near and dear ones and that special someone. Celebs share about the significance of V-Day, their plans and more:

Kate Sharma
Valentine day is a special day for loved ones , the one who is in love celebrates being in love. I think love is the answer for everything. Those People are lucky to find the right ones in their life. My Valentine’s Day I will celebrate in Goa but with a twist , with my mom. Because it’s my moms birthday on the same day. So I am taking her on a trip to Goa. And it’s her first time to take a flight too so I am damn excited about all her reactions. I Will try to capture all the good moments.

Hansa Singh
With time being more evolved and seeing life up close and personal I still feel love on this special day. Crazy as it may sound but then it is V day. No plans as of now. If nothing then will indulge in self love by pampering myself at Spa. LOVE is the most beautiful feeling ever. I still believe in fairytales and pda(public display of affection)

Nikhil Nanda
I feel Valentine’s Day is majorly overrated and it’s been developed in such a manner primarily by consumerism where people want to sell their products, services and goods. In our growing up years, we never heard of mother’s day or father’s day and it’s all come up majorly in the last 20 years. V-Day also picked up that time. In today’s materialistic world, the symbolism of love has changed majorly. Warren Buffett once said, only two emotions drive everything in this world which is fear and greed, so either it is fear of losing out on something or it is greed of having something which drives the relationship and love today.

Ambuj Dixit
Valentine’s Day is now considered as an occasion to celebrate all beautiful human relationships. The festival has come to be known as the day to celebrate love in all forms. People make it a point to wish ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to their friends, parents, siblings, teachers or anyone they consider special. In many schools, get-togethers are organised by children to celebrate the day. V-Day is now considered as an occasion to discover the universal feelings and emotions which represent love. My plans are very much to contact my friends and family and celebrate the beautiful relationship which we have come afar and continue to do so by being there for them through thick and thin. For me, love is the most secure feeling. Love is having a companion, best friend, lover, partner, sounding board, cheerleader, advisor, and cuddle buddy through every avenue in the journey of life.

Esha Gaur
Love for me is a very unconditional feeling, something that I feel for my daughter Ahana and son Ahvan. She is 9 years old, and he is 8 years old. They are the love of my life and right now I am everything to them. I guess this is the purest kind of love because you don’t keep any expectation and there are no demands. They understand a lot of situations. The love between parents and children is the purest and they are my dates every time. So, I will celebrate V-Day with them.

Subuhii Joshii
Honestly , I’m somebody who loves celebrating every occasion. I find small occasions to celebrate. So for me it is pretty important and about plans I don’t know yet because I have been shooting continuously. The term love for me doesn’t only associate with husband or boyfriend/girlfriend. I celebrate valentines day with my mother also, with my girls also. So for me I love can be in various forms and it’s such a vast word. It doesn’t have one meaning to me. But I believe wherever there is no hidden motive or finding profit from someone that is love. I think whatever we do out of concern or feel real connection for someone that is love.