I would love to do films –  Sudha Chandran

Actress Sudha Chandran says that she is often asked about why she is not taking up films. However, the actress, who has been part of films such as Pati Parmeshwar, Thanedaar, Malamaal Weekly, as well as many regional films, says that she is waiting for a good role to come her way.
“I have done such wonderful films. In fact, my last hit, Malamaal Weekly, did so very well. It was almost like one-woman army against all men if you’ve seen the movie. And I’m really surprised people keep asking me, ‘Why are you not doing films?’. My answer is if I do get an offer, I will definitely do it but the offers are not coming my way. And this is the saddest part,” she says.
She adds, “Like I’m doing very well for myself on Television but especially when you see films like Gangubai Kathiawadi, or you see Ram Leela, and you want to be a part of such good films because they’re such wonderful roles. And it is saddening when you see such a role and feel like why I’m not a part of such films. I don’t know what the confusion is. I think people think I’m too busy with television but my point is if I get a good film offer, I’ll definitely take it up. I would love to do films and I am waiting to work with the best directors and producers because now there is so much scope for an actor like me. But I don’t know why I’ve not been called or cast as yet. That’s the million-dollar question I’ve been asking myself every day.”

Talking about the kinds of films being made nowadays, Sudha says, “Lovely films are being made now. And I’m so happy that this phase has come in the film industry. Be it RRR, Gangubai Kathiawadi, Kashmir Files, Raazi, Sooryavanshi. See the genres. I mean every good film is doing brilliantly well. They all have different stories and have said so well. And People are receiving it so beautifully. Because I’m a person who always goes to the theatre and watches films. I never see it. I don’t do piracy. So, when I was watching Gangubai Kathiawadi, I could see all the comments from people that, “Bahut Acchi Kahani banayi hai. Kya kaam kiya hai Alia Bhatt ne!” So when you listen to all this, you feel so happy that good films are being made.”

The Kashmir Files is also a film which she loved! “After seeing The Kashmir Files, after the film ended, there was something called a pin drop silence that took place.  And that silence was scary. Somewhere people were lost. The trauma they saw towards the end, the feeling for the Kashmiri pandits, had a great impact on people. And then, at the same time, we would love to watch a film like Sooryavanshi, a hardcore commercial film and then RRR, which has experimented. I think S. S. Rajamouli sir has broken his own benchmark this time and such a great filmmaker, such a beautiful narrative. It’s like a painting on celluloid. So, this is the best phase of the film industry,” she says.