Imlie 17th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Agastya checks out at Imlie from a gallery. Agastya rejects her call over and over. Sonali attempts to comfort Annapurna. Jugnu approaches Rajni and illuminates her that Amrit coerced Imlie to sing at a bar assuming that she needs Agastya out of prison. Rajni cautions him assuming that he understands what he is talking about. Jugnu says he hushed up in light of Sonali or, in all likelihood would have informed it to everybody in advance. Imlie message Agastya that he ought to something like once listen the explanation for her demonstration. He hears it and disregards. Imlie leaves thinking the explanation is him. She gets back to Titu’s home. Pallo shouts at her and asks how might she oversee house now. Imlie says she will get her cash and secures herself in a room.


Rajni illuminates Amrith’s reality to Govind. Govind asks who illuminated her this. Rajni says Jugnu. Govind says he doesn’t know howmany mysteries are concealed in this house, Amma is as of now vexed hearing Imlie’s reality and can’t deal with Amrit’s reality. Rajni says they can’t do bad form to Imlie. The two of them demand Annapurna to bring back Imlie home or, more than likely their family will be stigmatized; their girl Shivani will return subsequent to finishing her examinations and will be locked in soon, what will they respond to her parents in law.

Imlie cries reviewing Agastya’s discourteous way of behaving while Agastya reviewing Imlie’s falsehoods. Pallo beats Bulbul when she requests food. Imlie gives her food to Bulbul and inquires as to why she is declining to give food to Bulbul, she will get cash as she previously addressed bar proprietor and landed her position back. She visits bar and sings Sheesha Hai Yo Dil Ho Tut Jata Hai.. tune. Vishwa sees her entering bar and follows her. Agastya strolls into bar and yells at Imlie to get down the stage. imlie asks who is he and denies. Agastya contends and hauls her from the stage. Imlie says they didn’t wed and just had a shared comprehension which he broke today and there isn’t anything between them now. Agastya blames her for finding another person for more cash. Imlie slaps him. Bouncers stroll to them. Imlie inquires as to whether they believe that she should work calmly here. She restarts her marking. Vishwa quietly notices them.

Rajni and Govind choose to defy Amrit and let him know that they need to talk. Amrit calls his Agastya’s worker and inquires as to for what reason did he reclaim his grievance Agastya. Vishwa detaches call and lets worker know that he found him a line of work in a processing plant and gave him cash to reclaim protest, he doesn’t need to answer Agastya. Agastya demands Imlie to get back, however she won’t return.

Precap: Agastya demands Imlie to get back with him and beats hooligans. Imlie won’t go with him.

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