Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Update, Arto looking for cab and he says God knows who complained against them in the theatre. Imlie thinks she can guess Chini is behind this. Arto says no cabs are available for now and Imlie advises him to take an auto ride if cab is not available. Arto feels hesitant but then he agrees when she says they will have fun. Arto calls the auto in low voice and Imlie says he can call them loudly too. He says why she is teasing him? He asks her to call the auto herself. Rudra warns Chini saying if anything happens to Imlie and Arto because of her then he won’t spare her. Chini says she ruined Arto and Imlie’s movie date just how Imlie ruined her plan with Arto. She says what is in the destiny will happen, noone can stop that.

Rupy asks Rudra if everything is fine? Chini says for sure. Imlie stops an auto by whistling. Arto gets impressed seeing her style. The driver drives slowly to which Arto says they will reach home late. They will book a taxi. Imlie says she will drive the auto instead of the driver. It was her dream to drive the auto one day. She asks Arto to hold the driver’s hand if he is getting afraid. Imlie shows them street stalls while driving. She then decides to eat Ice gola with Arto and the driver. She imagines Arto as the seller who smiles at her. They buy balloons and at last they reach home. The driver refuses to take money as he didn’t drive but Imlie gives him the money.

Arto says today they had a lot of fun. He didn’t miss Chini at all but when he should’ve missed her if he is in love. Imlie asks him what does he mean? He says he doesn’t feel for Chini the same way. He tells Imlie to inform it to Chini. Imlie says she can help him but he has to tell Chini about his own feelings. She can’t do that on his behalf. Kia asks Chini what the latter has done to Arto and Imlie that they are not back yet. Chini says today Arto will realise Imlie only brings trouble for him. Chini provokes Rana’s saying whenever Imlie is with Arto something wrong happens with him. Shivani says thank God someone has same thoughts like her. Chini acts like being concerned for Imlie and Arto.

They return back home happily and Chini gets irked. Arto informs everyone that Imlie drove the Auto. Rupy says now Chini doesn’t have to worry for them. Abhishek says Chini called him so he is here. Imlie thinks it means Chini didn’t tell him yet she doesn’t love him. Imlie questions Chini for how long she will use Abhishek for her motive. She should not keep him in dark like that. Chini says Arto will patch up with her soon, till then Abhishek can enjoy her company. Imlie says she wants to use Abhishek as an insurance policy. If she doesnt get Arto, she will choose Abhishek. Chini says she will snatch Arto from her. Imlie says Arto is not a thing. She decides to tell Chini’s truth to Abhishek and the latter feels insecure. Imlie meets Abhishek. Chini says she will do something big to stop Imlie.

Precap- Chini tells Arto that she will perform all the wedding rituals with him only. During a ritual Chini tells Kia to pour the vermilion on her and Arto. But Arto slips and holds Imlie’s hand. The vermilion falls on Imlie.

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