Imlie 21 December 2020 Written Update – Aditya insults Imlie

The episode starts with the ceremony of lord Durga where Aditya and Malini look at each other and smile. Imlie sees it and leaves the ceremony. Sunset sees it all and smile.

Aparna asks Malini for the aarti, and she says she wants to do this prayer with her son and daughter in law, so take the plate of sweets and keep it in front of Goddess Durga. while Malini’s phone rings.
Sundar talks to himself that see what I can do for you, after seeing Imlie Sunday go behind Malini and locked the door.

Mithi packs the gifts for the image’s law house. Where Mithi’s mother comes and says look at these gifts and says to Mithi that she never gives anything other than sadness and pain. Dulari Devi took the gift and tear it and says that you gift a costly saree to them. While Satyakam says that he will gift Dulari a new saree, but Dulari wants this Pagdandi’s saree. Dulari gives saree to Mithi and says gift them this saree and enjoy.

Aparna thinks that she forget coconut, where Malini is stuck in the room and calls for help. Imlie takes the plate and leaves.
Satyakam says that he left farming and village but might not forget her past. Satyakam asks Mithi that don’t make any expectations while going to Delhi.

Aditya asks Aparna about Malini, where Malini trying to come out of the room and calling Aditya. Aditya comes to the aarti, and Imlie leaves, but pandit stops her and asks her to do the aarti.

Everyone is finding Malini. Malini feels suffocated. Aditya breaks the door and hugs Malini. Everyone comes and asks Malini who locked you. Sunday says that he locked Malini. Anu says servants are doing work in the home and not to sit on the head. Anu says that the Imlie is taking place of Malini.

Aparna explains Anu, but Anu stops her, starts telling them that every time something wrong happens because of Imlie. Aparna asks everyone that my daughter and daughter-in-law are very understanding. Aditya asks Imlie that he cannot see Malini’s sadness. Aditya hurts Imlie by his word. Aditya says imlie that Imlie is the biggest mistake of his life.

Episode end.

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