Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21 December Written Update – Vihan reveals shocking truth!

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima tries to find out about the bullet mark and she finds it on Vihan’s back. Riddhima says that means Dadi was right that Vansh hit by a bullet but Vihan takes the shot. Later Vihan grabs Riddhima and takes her with him. Riddhima amazed seeing the firefly. She recalls that once she told Vansh that she wants to see a firefly. She adds that she feels good if Vansh fulfills this dream of hers but she doesn’t like it when Vihan fulfills this wish of hers.

She goes from there. While Vihan says he likes playing with Riddhima. He also calls her dumb. Later Angre is playing basketball. Vihan comes and joins him. Angre calls Vihan boss. Vihan says yes Angre. He tells his all planing plotting to Angre and shows him the fake bullet mark. He tells that he did it to fool and prove to Riddhima that he is Vihan. He says Riddhima is an emotional fool thus she believes in his words.

But now he needs to play big to win this game and this time Vansh will win instead of Vihan. There, Riddhima is sleeping and dreaming that someone is killing her. She wakeup in shock. She says it’s morning and morning dreams come true. She gets afraid. Later she hears Vihan’s voice and goes to him. He is talking to someone and notices that Riddhima is behind him. He grabs her hand and asks her if she can’t wait till he gets done with his shower. Riddhima says she hears him calling her name when he was talking to someone. So tell her what he was saying to that person and she will leave.

Vihan says this is her personal matter so he won’t tell. Riddhima feels like he is Vansh, not Vihan. Later Vihan drops a paper. Riddhima notices one crore rupees check. She ask what is this? Vihan says this is his second installment. Riddhima says he is taking money without her permission which is a way of stealing. She tears the check. Vihan says he will punish her for that. Riddhima thinks what will he do? Will he kill her? Angre asks Vansh why he takes Riddhima’s help when he can play alone. Vansh tells him the reason.

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