Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21December 2020 Written Update – Virat saves Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Virat arrives at Shergil’s house. He beats him saying he touched Heer using these hands, he will break his hands. He beats him like hell saying that Heer is his love, not a thing which he can sell or purchase. He is about to hit him but Heer stops him saying leave him, they should leave now. Virat agrees they run from there. Shergil follows them. Further, some goons come in front of Virat and Heer and Shergil is behind their back. Shergil says he won’t leave Heer, she is his now.

Virat beats goons and takes Heer with him in the boat. Shergil shots saying that if Heer can’t be with him then she can’t be with Virat also. He takes the gun out and shoots at them but they jump into the sea. That’s when police came and Shergil runs from there. Later Parmeet and Preeto arrive at the beachside. Preeto asks where are Virat and Heer? She asks God to give more power to her children. That’s when they notice Virat with Heer. Parmeet gets shocked. While others are happy. Virat asks Heer if she is okay. She says yes and asks what about him. He says he is also fine.

Preeto runs towards Heer. She hugs her and says how’s she? Heer says she is fine because she has a good family. She looks at Parmeet and recalls when Parmeet left her with Angel. Parmeet says soon she will reveal the truth of Heer. Preeto asks her to come with her as she is not safe at her in-laws. Sant says don’t worry from now on they will take care of Heer. Preeto is about to say something but Parmeet interrupts her saying that why so hurry, she will come with her soon.

She adds that she means that after some time Heer will come to meet her. Harak asks Preeto to let Heer go. Virat tells Heer that he thought that she left him after saw those reports of him. Heer says she can’t leave him as she can never find a man like him. Virat says what if she finds it, will she leave then? Heer beats him. Virat laughs at her. Later Malika tells Preeto that Parmeet’s household maid is missing. Preeto says they will find about it soon. Shano is unhappy as Heer comes back.

Heer is about to enter her house but Parmeet says Heer can’t enter the house. Virat says why? Parmeet says before Heer comes in they need to do something. She asks Sant to call Tejinder. Sants calls her. Tejinder says maybe he can’t find Heer thus he is calling her. She then notices Heer and says that thanks to God that they got Heer. Sant asks Tejinder about what happened at Simran’s wedding. He asks her to tell the truth. He points the gun at her. She tells that Heer is an eunice. Everyone stands still.

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