Yeh Hain Chahtein 21 December 2020 Written Update – Rudkraksh thought of plan B

At the beginning of the episode, while Yuvraj and Preesha were returning home and Preesha was worried, that how God would bear this and thought of Revealing the truth to Gps. Yuvraj told Preesha like this everyone will get emotional and reveal this truth to another, and like this plan will get exposed. After Saranash and Mahaima came back home, Saranash started asking about Preesha regularly and insisted Rudkraksh call Preesha.

Ahana told loudly that Mahima is now a real mother, as your father has married her because Preesha has decided to leave You and Rudkraksh and married Yuvraj. Saransh shouted at Ahana and told her not to speak such nonsense. Mahima also confirmed her statement, but Saranash was not ready to accept this and said he would never accept that you are my mother. Rudkraksh I was trying to explain to him, but he went off from there.

Rudkraksh shouted at Ahana for doing this same mistake again and called her heartless, and went off. Balraj also told Ahana that the way you reacted was wrong. Shardha was worried after listening to all this. Miskha acknowledged her about all the incidents. Sanrash locked the door and started insisting to call Preesha, then only he will open the door.

Mahima thought this boy is trying to disturb her plan and thought of making him quiet. Preesha and Yuvraj went home, where Gps denied accepting that Preesha married Yuvraj because you love him. Yuvraj said everything was just an accident, not a murderer. Gps told because you kept quiet, Preesha was about to get hanged because of you. Ahana told everyone not to be so overprotective for Saransh and advised them to lock the door from outside. Rudkraksh said I feel good that you are not having any child.

Gps was asking Preesha for the reason why she married Yuvraj. Yuvraj told Gps that in recent days, he did many things for Saransh, so she got emotionally attached to me and married me. Gps allowed them to enter the house and told them he is very sure that there is a reason behind all this and one day he will get to know that.
Rudkraksh shouted at Ahan not to suggest to him the ideas of how he should behave with him.

Miskha took Ahana with her. Rudkraksh thought of calling Preesha, but Mahima objected, but he said he had called him for Saransh. Preesha was worried about Saransh, and suddenly she got a call from Rudkraksh, and he acknowledged her about the Saransh situation. Preesha told him that she is coming soon. Rukdkrash saw Mahima in ye mirror and acted of talking rudely to Mahima, and Mahima felt happy about that.

Episode end

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