Choti Sarrdaarni 21 December 2020 Written Update – Param took a risk for Karan

At the beginning of the episode, Meher got to know that someone is trying to trouble us. Vikram scolded their men for pasting missing banners of Sarab everywhere in the market. Meher was asking in the market to the sellers that they have noticed anyone running from this side. Vikram was also present in that market, but they did not notice each other. Meher laid a trap for them and told Param that now no one will trouble them.

Meher heard some noise and went outside to notice. There was the same child whom they meet in the park. All the children were requesting Meher to save them from the inching. Param informed Sarab about them. Meher gave them a paste to apply on the body to get rid of inching. Meher got to know that all children are homeless and advised them to become Param friends, but the leader of the gang stopped them from doing friendship with Param and took everyone with them, and told Meher to empty this place as this is their playing area.

Sarab was going to earn money bit Meher stopped them from going anywhere. An argument started between them for this, and suddenly Param came, and Meher angrily went off. The little Gang intentionally punctured Vikram’s car and sent him to a shop from where they got the tip for this. Meher is standing in a line with a bucket and making Param understand that one-day hr will get many friends. Meher told Param to bring one more bucket from home. Sarab thought of not going to work today. Sarab saw Param was struggling to lift that bucket and told him to stay with Karan and he will take this to Meher.

Param saw Karan’s bottle is empty and thought of refiling it. Param saw there was no milk in the house and thought of arranging milk for Karan. Param thought of not taking Karan with him to arrange the milk. Param too Karan in a small wooden cart bit the seller denied to give him milk without money.

Param noticed a few money on the counter and took that and started thinking. Param went and gave that money to that person, and he gave a blessing to Param. Karan started crying. Param told him to be quiet as he will do something for him. Param was confused that from where he will bring the money to buy milk for Karan.

Episode end

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