Imlie 23 November 2020 Written Update – Aditya is in danger

The episode starts with Imlie is riding the tractor in which Satyakam and his men are pointing a gun at Aditya. Imlie told Satyakam that she knows that the Aditya looks innocent, but he is cunning. Aditya asks Imlie to stop. Satyakam said Imlie to explain about Aditya. Imlie explains. Aditya told Satyakam, that he is a journalist, and want to show him to the world. Aditya said he just came here to take an interview with Satyakaam. Anu and Dev come home and argues. Malini came, and she said that I told Anu not to do drama in Tripathi’s house, where a ticket of Pagdandia arrived. Anu asks about the ticket. Anu tears the ticket and leaves.

The men take Aditya to the cowsheds, which is the safe place of Satyakam. Aditya said, Satyakam to trust him, but Satyakam refuses.
Imlie makes fun of Aditya. Imlie takes the camera, and she sees her pictures, Aditya asks Imlie not to touch the camera. Imlie told Aditya who permit you to take pictures of her.

Malini collects the pieces of the ticket and says this is the first time when she is feeling not good for Aditya. Malini is tensed. Satyakam saw his pictures, and asks Aditya about the pictures, and said why did he take all the pictures. Satyakam told Aditya why did he call the police. Aditya said that he is not informing the police. Aditya explains that he came here only for Satyakam for taking an interview. Aditya said he wants to take an interview and publish it to the channel. Aditya explains that he wants to show Satyakam real face to the world. The men of Satyakam informs about the police and said that the police is coming, where Satyakam blames Aditya.

Imlie is going outside, where she sees the police. Imlie runs, but the police ask Imlie about the cowshed. Imlie told the police the wrong path. Imlie comes to the Satyakam and said that the police know about the Satyakam. Satyam points the gun to the Aditya.

Aditya requests Satyakam to believe in him once, otherwise, Satyakam can do whatever he wants. The police are outside the door and ask Satyakam to surrender. Aditya said to trust him.

Aditya opens the door, where Satyakam and Imlie behind the door. Aditya told the police that Satyakam ran away, and Satyakam locked Aditya inside. The police are in the search of Satyakam everywhere.

Episode end

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