Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24 November 2020 Written Update : Fifty Lakh deal

At the beginning of the episode, Kabir speaking to Riddhima that he perceived her she had to accept his proposal. She thinks she hurt Dadi with her choice because of her Vansh and this family admitted her.

Riddhima decides to make things. There, Kabir addresses Vansh’s picture and says he will withdraw his name from the mansion ever. Anupriya proceeds to Kabir and says there is something suspicious behind Riddima taking his proposal. Kabir tells Anupriya that Riddhima is an affectionate girl and can be fooled easily.

Anupriya says she knows Riddhima is up to something. Kabir says Riddhima doesn’t have so much strength to struggle with him. Here, Riddhima reproduces a letter to Daadi. She considers only Dadi can hold this marriage. Ishani said to Dadi that she knows she is hurt because of Riddhima’s choice. Riddhima’s letter went to Daadi’s room, but at the equal time, Kabir proceeds.

Kabir says to Daadi that he wants to communicate with her in secret. Daadi asks Ishani to move. Kabir molds Dadi with his advice. He says to Daadi she can say no to the wedding as he can’t see her amazed. Dadi leaves the room. Riddhima waits for Daadi’s reply. Dadi allows Riddhima to marry Kabir. Riddhima stands blurred hearing Dadi’s term. Later, Kabir reveals to Riddhima how he learned about her plan. In the flashback, Aryan is seen revealing to Kabir that Riddhima wrote a letter to the Daadi to stop the wedding. Back to reality; Kabir asks Riddhima not to act smart and get ready for the wedding. Riddhima calls Kabir rubbish by benefiting Vansh’s death by trying to marry her.

Kabir says he can go any extreme for his benefit. He shows Riddhima her wedding dress and says within 72 hrs she will come back to him and none can interrupt them. Afterward, Riddhima says she said yes to the marriage but she will not marry Kabir because she has a backup plan ready too. Riddhima goes to Vihaan and asks him to help her by disguising Vansh.

Vihaan gets shocked seeing Vansh’s draft. Riddhima requests Vihaan if he is able to help him. Vihaan says the job is dangerous and anyone will detect him that he is a clone of Vansh. Riddhima says to Vihaan she will reward him for his business and will guide him to convert his as Vansh. Vihaan states the proposal is interesting and tempting.

Riddhima cautions Vihaan and asks him to just pretend like her husband. Vihaan asks Riddhima to return 50 Lakhs for him if she wants to ensure the deal. Riddhima thinks to manage the money. At home, Anupriya functions in Kabir and Riddhima’s room. Ishani declines to be a part of it and says she doesn’t weigh Kabir his brother. Kabir chooses to revenge Ishani post marriage.

Episode end

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