Choti Sarrdaarni 24 November 2020 Written Update :Virat plan to defame Meher

At the beginning of the episode, Amrita confessing to Kulwant but she declines to hear her. Kulwant states she didn’t skip anything and says she wrote the record of all the ornaments. She starts to read the list and tells Amrita to give them to her now. Amrita says she returned all the ornaments to her mother which she got from her mother’s family, and gave Kulwant’s two necklaces to Lovely. Kulwant gives duplicate gems to Amrita saying from now on she has to wear this only and that’s her punishment.

Ginni says Amrita gets rashes if she wears duplicate jewels then. Kulwant tells her to not interfere in this matter. Vikram states he was in the temple, and Seema went to her friend’s house. She confesses to him for pondering him and says she should not have cut her wrist, she was crazy to do that. She accuses herself saying everything is her mistake. He advises her to take a rest and she should not emphasize herself on this topic.

Meher was purchasing vegetables with Param. Vegetable vendors thanks Sarab for his help. Meher challenges Sarab to eat chili if he likes her then. He accepts the dare and was about to eat it. But she stops him saying his mouth is delicate.

Param was fiddling with Karan. Meher says Param and Karan should become sharp like Sarab. Sarab gives a new nickname to Meher and taunts her. Meher says she feels guilty whenever she thinks about Aditi. Sarab calls Aditi. Aditi informs him that she is going to Bangalore for a conference. He asks her about Vikram’s behavior.
She says she is pleased because her husband loves her only and says she will put more effort into her prosperous marriage life. Seema says Vikram forgot his lunch case again.

Aditi says she will give it to him on her way. Seema says she may miss her flight. Aditi says nothing is necessary for her other than Vikram. Meher asks their Lawyer Khurana that how much they have chances to win the case. Vikram’s Lawyer says they can get a DNA analysis. Sarab says he gave the custody paper to Vikram to explain to him that he moved on in his life.

Vikram’s lawyer tells Sarab to fool him. She says he can get both titles. He asks then he won’t have any problem. She says it’s a really difficult situation because Karan is just 5 months old so the charge
will go to her mother only, so they have to show that Meher is an unstable mother. Khurana tells Vikram can declare his powers on Karan anytime because he is his vital father so they have to show that he is an unreliable father and they have to attack him saying he bodily assailed Meher. Sarab screams at him and tells him to leave.

Episode ends.

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