Barrister babu 24 November 2020 written update : Anirudh went to the party

At the beginning of the episode, Greenwood clicks photos with his wife. Greenwood’s wife said that this party was kept for the guest. Greenwood said to Anirudh, let us click some pictures, but Anirudh says, no, I am not interested in pic clicks. Maid tries to force Bondita to wear a clown dress. Roy Choudhury says something like Greenwood. He seems to have to check whether you are really Roy Choudhury or not. But, Bondita tried to force the maid to wear a clown dress, put perfume in her eyes, and run away.

Anirudh replies he has examined the judiciary in London, and if women can read at school there, then why can’t women in his nation do the equal. Greenwood asks if he didn’t understand the distinction between Hindustani women and foreigner ones yet then. He says that there is no distinction between Indian women and sheep.

Anirudh speaks about Indian girls are very respectful, only then Saudamini says, your wife is there. Suddenly Anirudh looks at Bondita and says, Look, my wife found a way to find me in such a crowd.Anirudh went to Bondita and asked what Sourav told you.

Then he started going from the party; Saudamini said that he could not go from the party. Anirudh and Bondita go to the party to find Bondita friends in the village. Trilochan said to Binoy If your work is not done, you do not come to the British party. Binoy talks to Greenwood, and we always love to have more drinks with the British.

But Greenwood does not drink and throw the drinks. When Anirudh and Bondita reached the village, Anirudh remembers Suadamini, who will return from the party only when Anirudh will speak to girls here in Woodstock.

Episode end.

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