Shakti 24 November 2020 Written Update : Heer lied

At the beginning of the episode, Simran started crying and told to Arjun that she is pregnant. Arjun said that we would go for an abortion. Simran denied an abortion and said that he should come to her home and talk to her parents. Arjun cut the call, and Simran continues to cry.

Simran threw the Pregnancy kit in the dustbin. Parmeet found that used pregnancy kit and thought that Heer uses this. Parmeet thought that Heer is pregnant and become joyful. Malika took Shanoo to her home. Shanoo denied that she would not stay there. Malika told her that you have to stay for some days with us, to understand that we too are humans.

Parmeet shows the pregnancy kit to Virat and told him that Heer is pregnant, and he will be the father. Virat gets shocked and confused. Simran went to Heer’s room and said to her that she is pregnant. Simran told to Heer that Parmeet thinks Heer is pregnant; Simran asks to hide the truth. Heer said she has to clear all this. Simran said that if Heer does not help her, she will cut her wrist. Parmeet gathered everyone. Parmeet told Heer to announce that good news, and Heer did the same.

Everyone becomes happy and start congratulating Heer and Virat. Virat got angry, also thinking why Heer is lying to everyone?

Tejinder said that the family got this good news because of her gift. Tejinder said if the baby is a boy, she will buy gold bracelets. Parmeet said that they would celebrate. Tejinder said to Heer that she only eat healthy food and do rest. Virat said to Heer that he needs to talk about something, so he took her to their room. Virat shouted at Heer that does she gone mad? and ask why she is lying to everyone?

Episode end

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