Qurbaan Hua 25 November 2020 Written Update : Alekh plan against Bhupender

At the beginning of the episode, the dealer was misbehaving with Chahat, suddenly Neel came and started beating him. Neel shouted at him that how dare he touched his wife. Chahat thought that he is the only man who can give us the information about the artificial monument, so he stopped Neel and went off from there. Vyas Ji was texting to Neel suddenly Alekh came with few documents and gave them to him.

Alekh gets to know that Chahat went to meet the factory owner Alekh thought that Chahat might have gone there to get some proof of that incident. Neel was forcing Chahat to go from that hotel, but Chaha insisted and said she would study here only without wasting any more time. Suddenly they heard romantic talks from another room and scolded Chahat for choosing this cheap lodge accidentally. Neel fell with Chahat on the bed, and the bed broke down.

Chahat and Neel shared an eye. Alekh rang the factory owner and got to know that Chahat has taken that artificial monument with her. Alekh thought of taking that monument from Chahat until she reaches him. Chahat started listening to her online lectures, and Neel also took one earpiece and started listening to avoid other sounds. Neel slept on Chahat shoulder while listening.

Chahat apologized in her mind for trouble Neel like this. Alekh went to Chahat room and Found that artificial monument. Neel picked the mattress and placed it on the door to avoid the disturbing sound. Alek planned something in her mind and laughed. Chahat wishes to eat chips, but Neel did not allow her to go. Chahat gets angry with him. Police raided that hotel and arrested everyone.

Chahat was forcing Neel to allow her to go out; suddenly, police heard and broke down the door and arrested both of them. Alekh was thinking that in this pandemic, Neel’s business was not running smoothly and. So he did this, and Alekh went to the bakery and hid that in one of the drawers.

Alekh heard some weird noise and moved towards the room, but Bhupnder stopped him. Alekh thought of telling Chabra that to take Bhupender name if someone asked him about the monument. Alekh called him and heard Chahat voice arguing with the inspector and gets confused.

Episode end

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