Kundali bhagya 25 November 2020 Written Update : Preeta gets arresting news of Sarla

The episode begins with the Police arrest and takes Sarla with them. Sherlyn catches them and says the Police inspector not to leave Sarla as she tried to halt her and her child, so she should get a stern penalty for that. Sarla says Sherlyn understands that she can not even think to harm her or her child, but Sherlyn wants to harm Preeta and questions why she is ingesting this. Sherlyn tells her to stay quiet and said she tried to injure her child, but her child is secure.

Janki confesses to the Police inspector for holding her and begs her to go Sarla saying she is innocuous and can’t even reminisce about hurting anyone. The police inspector says there is F.I.R on Sarla, so she has to catch her no matter what, and she can’t help her in this and implies hiring a Lawyer for Sarla’s collateral. Sherlyn says to Sarla that Police revived Preeta to stay in Luthra’s house, and she is permitting her every day there, and today she took her attack by catching Sarla, now Preeta will come to protect her mother, and it’s an unforgettable day for her. Later Sherlyn taunts Janki and scales from there.

Mahira was asking Sherlyn and says it’s still not reachable. She thinks she is delighted to see Kareena and Dadi’s worried face. They should repent for not attending to Sherlyn earlier, and she understands that Sherlyn is on her way after ending her work, but she is not going to tell anyone.

Kareena questions where she went without notifying anyone and says she was about to ask Sanjana also. Sherlyn appears like she is about to fall. Mahira takes her towards the bed and tells them to bring a power drink or lemonade for Sherlyn, and bolts the door from within. She asks what occurred there. Sherlyn says Police caught Sarla according to their plan, and they smile.

Mahira says this is a real thrill and laughs. Sherlyn tells Preeta will become angry hearing this news, and she is already delicate, and they are going to observe the heartfelt play of her. Sherlyn says nothing should happen to her child. Mahira comforts her, saying nothing will happen to her child.

Sherlyn says her child is stable so that nothing will occur. Preeta says she has a headache; other than that, she is really fine now. Karan says she is retiring to them to extend her fasting. She says Sristy will do a head massage for her.

Sameer says Karan that Preeta worries for him so much, and she is not stingy. Sristy was caressing Preeta’s head, but Karan holds her, and he begins to do a head massage for Preeta. Preeta horrifies seeing him there rather than Sristy. Sameer says to Sristy that he can see the emotion between them. Janki reaches Luthra’s house and sings about Sarla’s arresting.

Episode ends.

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