Kumkum bhagya 25 November 2020 Written Update : Trouble for Rishi

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya deeming regarding Priyanka. Saritha Ben arrives and states that someone has come to attend to her. Pragya comes out to see Disha, and she approaches her. Disha conveys to Saritha Ben to get her tea. Rishi, too comes there, and Disha tells that she has a solution for Priyanka’s obstacle. She says about undercover agents who know her and will take their guidance to spot Priyanka. She asks Rishi to get Priyanka’s picture, and he goes to get it. Disha questions if Pragya didn’t say about her connection with Abhi to anyone, and Pragya tells yes.

Ranbir proceeds to the principal room, who berates him for his performance. Just then, the guard gives him the cover with the question paper, and Ranbir sees it. Ranbir chooses to keep it for Dheeraj. The principal reminds him one last time and orders him to leave. Ranbir comes out, and Prachi sees him and summons him.

Rhea’s friends see Prachi summoning Ranbir and observers them. Prachi, when she goes near Ranbir, she slips, and Ranbir endures her. They both fall in eye connection, and Rhea’s friends discern it. They get enraged at Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir about Principal summoning him. He’s about to say about his plan of keeping the question paper, but Rhea goes before that. Rhea’s friends choose to notify everything Rhea and Ranbir’s brother catches them.

Priyanka states that today she will become the most hurt girl from both soul and body. She takes a stick and bangs herself. Ranbir discovers someone punishing him for keeping the question papers. He thinks that he hasn’t taken the papers yet and surprises who’s accusing him. He then looks into the principal’s shelter to find the principal scolding a professor for seizing the papers.

Priyanka comes to a mezzanine and books a room imagining to be a domestic violence sufferer of her boyfriend. She asks for a laptop and thinks something about it. Ranbir is saying his brother about his plan when Prachi and Shahana come there. They redirect the topic and give them off in a taxi, saying they didn’t bring their car.

Purab and Aliya already fight over Disha, and Vikram comes there. Purab, in disappointment, declares that he accepts all his sin and goes on saying that he wants to get away from this unhealthy attachment.

Episode end

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