Yeh Hain Chahtein 24 November 2020 Written Update : Saransh ran from the house

At the beginning of the episode, Mahima was requesting Rudkraksh to give back his son. Rudkraksh said he could not apart Saransh from as he is the memory of my brother. Mahima said she would love her a lot and never Saransh will complain about it.

Rudkraksh told Mahima that Preesha would also not apart Saransh as she has an attachment with her. Rudkraksh offered to stay at this house in term to spend time with Saransh listening to this Ahana gets angry and went to Saransh as said to him that he is so lucky that he is blessed with two mothers. Saransh denied and said she only has one mother, Dr Preesha.

Ahana said to her that Preesha is lying to him for a long-ago than Saransh went to ask Rudkraksh about this. Mahima was trying to convince Rudkraksh to give Saransh to him than Mahima started requesting Preesha, but she did not say anything than Mahima said she would legally take Saransh back from them. Saransh shouted you are not my mother; everyone gets shocked, seeing Saransh.

Saransh came and hugged Preesha and started crying and requested Preesha to told that she is only her mother. Preesha said to Saransh that Mahima is his birth mother. Saransh started shouting and ran outside the house. Everyone behind him. Everyone started searching for him in the market and came back home. Rudkraksh shouted at Ahana for telling Saransh about her birth mother.

Rudkraksh was very angry with Ahana and did not listen to her and said if anything happens to him, she will be not existing for her. Mishka took Ahan inside with her.

Yuvraj was sitting on the roadside and drinking a cold drink. Suddenly Yuvraj saw Saransh and catch him and wiped his tears and hugged him. Yuvraj offered him some food and made him sat on his shoulder. While eating ice cream, Yuvraj asked him why he is alone here. Then Saransh told him about the real mother. Saransh was not Willing to go home.

Episode end

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