Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 24 November 2020 Written Update : Virat marries Sai

At the beginning of the episode, Sunny said Virat told him to bring Pakhi to Gadchirol. Ashwini asked for what reason he is calling her there. Sunny said Pakhi loves greenery areas like Nasik and Goadchiroli is also similar to it. Bhavini agrees to his offer and says it will be better for her also as she is also tensed about Samrat.

Bhavini predicted that there would be some intention behind this as Virat is brilliant. Ashwini objected that Pakhi would not go alone, suddenly Karishma says she and Mohit cam join them as she never went somewhere for so long.

Ashwini said sunny to take them all with him the next morning. Bhavini also agrees to this. Sai was getting ready for her marriage. While she recalled her past moment’s with Kamal and started crying. Usha explained to her the importance of Pooja and the benefit which Virat will get after this. Sai cooperates, and at last, she receives blessings from the priest.

Pakhi and Karishma were confused that why Virat suddenly called them than sunny said Pakhi is her good friend that’s why he called her and me. Virat was all set for the rituals. Usha request Virat to close his eyes and Virat imagined Pakhi as a bride than Sai came onto the stage, and the Varmala ceremony begins.

Sai remembers her past moments and put garland on Virat’s neck, and Virat was thinking about the promise which he gave to Pakhi and Kamal while putting garland on his neck. Karishma noticed Pakhi I was very eager to go there. Karishma said it might be villagers were forcing Virat to marry Pakhi then Pakhi said we are just good friends. Karishma told if he is a problem why he did not call Ninad’s uncle.

Millind came forward for the bestow of Sai. Sai and Virat both recall their Moment with Kamal. Virat promise he will take care of Sai. Vitthal entered with clapping and laughed loudly. Virat gets surprised.

Episode end

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