Anupamma 24 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj’s Surprise for Kavya

The episode starts with Rakhi tells everyone that she booked a dining hall for everyone. While everyone says that we can go out for dinner, but Rakhi says that she has already booked the hall for us. While Anupama says that Hansmukh’s health is not well, but Hansmukh agrees to go.

Anupama thinks that this is the first time that she will not make dinner for everyone then what will she do there but later, Anupama talks to herself that she will enjoy .while Kavya dressed in a black gown where Vanraj’s acts and makes Kavya scared. Vanraj hugs Kavya and talks about going out to a club, but Kavya says that she can celebrate here also, but Vanraj says that he stayed in a room all day. Both are ready to go to the club.Rakhi thanks herself for doing well for the shah family.

Where Vanraj’s takes Kavya with him for a Surprise birthday party by making her blindfold, where the light is off, the claps and the light goes on, and Kavya gets surprised and happy. Kavya gets a surprise where Vanraj says that the world’s beautiful surprise for the world’s beautiful girl. Vanraj and Kavya hug each other, and Vanraj makes Kavya happy. Kavya says what you did in these two days that she will forget everything that had happened in the past while they celebrate.

Anupama and family gather in a hall while Rakhi welcomes all shah’s family where Leela says where is food till now where Rakhi says that she and Kinjal are attending all your function so Leela should also attend the dinner. While Anupama says to Hansmukh that he should wear a shall, but then she sees a cake on which Kavya is written on the cake, and she gets surprised.

Anupama says where Samar is, but Nandini is also not present there, where Nandini is searching for Samar on the poolside. While Samar surprised Nandini. Samar takes Nandini in her arms and proposes to her, but Nandini says she will talk about it later,
and everyone is waiting for them, and Nandini leaves. Samar gets hurt. While Kavya says that she will make a wish by writing on a balloon. Where Anupama gets the balloon in which something is written on it. Anupama remembers her past.

While Vanraj sings a birthday song, everyone gets stunned after hearing Vanraj’s Voice. Rakhi is happy that her plan is working. While Vanraj kisses Kavya’s forehead and proposes to her and they both hug each other. Where Rakhi’s plan worked, while Vanraj caught with Kavya, everyone gets stunned.

Episode end.

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