Shaadi Mubarak 24 November 2020 Written Update : Arjun’s Request to KT

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini wrote her name and her husband’s name in the Mandarin language, which shocked the priest. Arjun said they are coming from Singapore, so her mother mostly uses Mandarin. Nandini wants KT near Pujan’s place, so she pretended to be unconscious. When Preeti tried to remove her veil, Arjun denied it to her and said that only his father would remove the veil of his mother.

Arjun started crying and request KT to carry Nandini in his arms and carry her to the room. At this moment, KT recognized the moment when Nandani told him that she wants him to hold her, in his arms, in front of everyone. Neelima bothered KT to carry Nandini in his arms, and he did the same. KT was confused that’s why he started thinking about Nandini, whenever he comes close to Shalini.

Rati said to Tarun that this is Preeti’s last project and after that, she will have no connection with Shadi Mubarak. Tarun told Rati not to talk about Preeti again, and let him focus on his own work, and he left. Rati said to herself that she would make Preeti their maid. KT offered juice to Nandini and left the room.

Nandini wrote KT’s name on her palm through Heena. Preeti was checking Nandini’s dress fitting, suddenly Nandini got unbalanced, Preeti holds her hand, KT’s name got copied to Preeti’s palm. Arjun requested KT to marry his mother and complete his family and told him that this is the speech I will going to deliver in front of my father. Arjun gave fake news that his father is coming.

Kusum in a video chat with Preeti, saw that bride’s dress’s pendent is missing, she told this to Preeti, but she was unable to hear. Kusum started relating the story of Arjun’s mother and Nandini because Kusum has the same pendant, which belongs to Nandini’s dress. Arjun requested everyone to see his mother’s performance, which his mother prepared specially for his father.

While Nandini’s dance, KT recognized that bride had worn the same dress which Nandini had. KT interrupted the dance by holding Nandini’s hand and removed her veil. Everyone gets to know that Shalini is Nandini.

Episode end

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