Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 November 2020 Written Update : Will Vansh spill the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik said to Naira that he could not allow her to meet him till he again starts trusting you till then you will not go close to him. Manish got a call that there is a need for a man for the collage project, and neither Kartik nor Samarth was free. Suddenly Kartik and Naira came, and Manish scolded them for scolding Kartik like this for every small incident.

Suddenly Gayu and Samarth came, and Vansh was in a wheelchair Kartik came near him and sat down Vansh told him that he could never walk again. Kartik said he would get well soon as they will take him to the best doctors and motivated him for his recovery. Gayu did not allow Naira to touch Vansh and take her. Dadi said Gayu to rest in her room and not to leave him for a while.

Naira was about to go, but Kartik stopped her, but Naiea forcefully went to Meet Vansh, but there Gayu dragged her out of the room and told Naira to keep their distance from Vansh. Naira was peeping from the door to see Kairva and started crying. Kairav went to Vansh to see him Kairav said he would pray to God for his recovery.

Kairav gave a portrait to Vansh, suddenly Gayu came and shouted at Kairav and told him to go out, suddenly Naira came and requested Kairav to stay here for a while. Naira asked Vansh how he fell from the terrace. Suddenly Samarth came and clapped for Naira and said that now you twist your words and point against her parenting.

Samarth asked Vansh to speak the truth, and Vansh blamed Kairav and said he pushed him. Kairav was shocked to hear his name. And ran away from there, and Naira was following him suddenly Kairav fainted, and Kartik thought Naira again started troubling him Kartik told Naira to call the doctor. The doctor said stress is very harmful to his heart.

Episode end

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