Shakti 23 November 2020 Written Update : Simran pregnancy news

At the beginning, Heer offers milk to Virat and asks him to left some amount for her to complete the ritual. Heer asks Virat to take her pictures, but Virat through the milk glass and pretended as he was drunk. Heer started crying after seeing this strange behavior of Virat. Simran met Arjun and ask him when he will talk to her parents about their marriage. Heer locked the door and ask Virat to stay inside the room, she sits near the door.

Virat continued to pretend he was drunk so Heer helps her to change his clothes. At midnight, Virat took Heer to the bed. Virat ruined their first night because he doesn’t want Heer to know that, she cannot become the mother of a child. The next morning Heer asks Virat that how she reached the bed? Virat did not answer her.

Heer was passing outside Simran’s room and heard that she is talking to Arjun. Heer goes inside the room and said that she should ask Arjun to talk to her parents about marriage, and tried to stop her to go outside to meet Arjun, but she denied it. Simran felt as if vomiting and also recognized that she had missed her periods this month. Tejinder asks Shanoo to speak the hidden truth about Heer but the car passed loudly Tejinder was unable to hear and left.

Preeto with Malika reached their and asks Shanoo to hide the truth about Heer, but she denied so Preeto threatened her, also took her with themselves. Parmeet enquired about Simran Heer make an excuse that she has gone to market to buy a lipstick shade for her so that no one will doubt Simran.

Simran arrived at home. Parmeet asks Simran to handover the lipstick shade to Heer, but Simran makes an excuse that she needs to be fresh, and rushed into her room. She brought a pregnancy test kit, goes inside the toilet, and used that kit. Heer said to Parmeet whether Simran talks rudely to her, but she is nice.

Episode end

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