Imlie 28th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Imlie inquiring as to whether she prefers somebody.

Bulbul begins crying and tells her that it has finished and she would rather not discuss it.

Somewhere else, Rajni enquires Annapurna about why she appears to be stressed.

Annapurna advises her that Navya maintains that nothing should be concealed between the 2 families.

She presumes that they ought to inform her regarding Imlie’s position at the actual bar before she becomes more acquainted with them from elsewhere.

Rajni asserts that Annapurna’s choice will be conclusive yet requests that she choose, taking into account Chutki’s bliss.

In the mean time, Navya watches Imlie and Agastya’s video and becomes worried about spotting Vishwa in it, keeping an eye on them.

Agastya snatches a seat to sit on and checks out at a resting Imlie while nodding off on the actual seat.

Jugnoo sits adjacent to an oblivious Chandu to not ensure anything happens to Chandu.

In the mean time, Imlie awakens and finds somebody’s moving shadow behind the window, she gets a side light and begins to go after the individual yet figures out it is Agastya.

Imlie asks Agastya what he is doing behind the window and he answers that he is protecting her and is moving to kill a mosquito.

Imlie jokes that like this, she’ll be the one dead like the mosquito.

Agastya advises her to quiet down and that it’s not interesting.

He makes sense of now that Imlie won’t return for their room, he can’t rest.

Imlie and Agastya quarrel over why Agastya is being worried about Imlie and Imlie lets him know that they’ll end this agreement after Chutki’s marriage.

Agastya questions Imlie on why has she accomplished such a great deal about him when he isn’t her genuine spouse too.

In the mean time, a veiled figure cuts Chandu’s oxygen backing and he implodes.

Hearing the clamor coming from Chandu’s room, Agastya and Imlie race to his room and save him.

Agastya gets out to find the killer and Imlie watches him from a higher place.

Imlie sees the shadow of somebody behind Agastya and runs insanely towards him to embrace him.

It’s uncovered that it’s Vishwa remaining there, who lets them know that he just came to examine the clamor.

Imlie uncovers that she’s certain she has seen somebody with a blade alongside the butterfly keychain on it.

Agastya joins the specks and the butterfly and infers that there’s an association between the 2 episodes.

Vishwa recommends that the executioner needed to kill Imlie however not Chandu.

Imlie asks him for what good reason the executioner attempted to kill him.

Vishwa answers that perhaps he didn’t believe Chandu should uncover his name.

Agastya attacks Vishwa for Imlie’s wellbeing.

Vishwa lets him know that he’ll select security at their home tomorrow and guarantees him that the executioner will be captured soon.

In the interim, Imlie and Agastya share a tomfoolery exchange about why the executioner needs to kill Imlie.

Imlie gets irritated by this and lets him know that the executioners don’t just intrigue the rich.

She begins to go to her space to rest alone yet Agastya conveys her in marriage style to his room and requests that she be before her.

The following morning, Imlie attempts to look into Bulbul.

Agastya gets some information about Bulbul being concerned however she closes him down, saying she’ll deal with it all alone.

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