Yeh Hain Chahatein 28th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

going then he lets Jagdish know that he will safeguard Kashvi.

He portrays the entire story to Jagdish and furthermore tells that Mahima is the primary guilty party for Kashvi’s suspension.

He chooses to get Mahima’s reality front of everybody while Monty hears their discussion and he goes to tell this to Mahima.

In the interim, Jagdish reprimands Arjun for advising Mahima’s reality and he attempts to stop him since she is the mother of Karun and on the off chance that she gets captured, Karun will be distant from everyone else.

Arjun isn’t prepared to hear him yet Jagdish makes sense of for him to think sensibly for Karun on the grounds that things will turn out to be hard for that kid.

Arjun says that he really wants a chance to think and afterward Jagdish goes from that point while Arjun expresses that in the past he has done so amiss with Kashvi.

He chooses to tell everything to Kashvi and that Karun is his youngster then he says that he will give up the pen drive to Kashvi so she can choose if she has any desire to involve it for herself or not.

In the interim, Monty tells Mahima that Arjun has purchased confirmation that Mahima is the fundamental guilty party and soon he will uncover her.

Meanwhile, Arjun goes to Kashvi’s office and sees him embracing a man who says that she is his reality what makes’ Arjun extremely upset into pieces.

Arjun gets profound to see somebody other than him so near Kashvi while Kashvi sees that Arjun is remaining at the entryway.

The official alongside Arjun goes into the room and the official lets him know that Aditya has assisted with eliminating Kashvi’s suspension and the official proclaims that Aditya will be Kashvi’s new chief.

Later around evening time, Mahima says that she has arranged his number one food however he tosses the plate all over which startles Karun.

Mahima yells at him however he asks what’s up with her and he requests what valid reason she began playing betting once more.

Mahima deceives him and attempts to act guiltless before him saying that she did it to save Karun.

Arjun requests that she make sense of then she lets him know that in the event that she didn’t sign the papers then Mohan would have killed Karun.

He tells her that Mohan has been captured and fortunately he didn’t take her name then she requests that he excuse her yet he goes from that point while she says that she is excessively shrewd.

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